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Faculty Summit 2013

July 15–16, 2013 | Redmond, Washington, United States

Faculty Summit 2013 Keynote Speakers

Bill Gates  Doug Burger  Peter Lee  Jeannette Wing  Clay Shirky 
Bill Gates 

Doug Burger
Microsoft Research  

Peter Lee
Corporate Vice President,
Microsoft Research 
Jeannette Wing
Corporate Vice President,
Microsoft Research  
Clay Shirky
Distinguished Writer in Residence, New York University  

Advances in science and technology have often been driven by the need to solve real-world problems, both social and scientific. From novel machine learning algorithms for recognizing and generating natural speech or accelerating drug discovery, to new devices and cloud services for the digital home and natural user interaction, software is experiencing rapid change—as well as being a key enabler for those advances. The computer science community is at the heart of these exciting trends.

July 15, 2013, marked the start of Microsoft Research’s fourteenth annual Faculty Summit at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington. More than 400 academic researchers from 200 institutions and 29 countries joined Microsoft Research to assess and explore today’s computing opportunities. This year, Bill Gates joined us to set the tone of the summit in a conversation on the topic of “Innovation and Opportunity—the Contribution of Computing to Improving Our World.”

Also delivering keynote presentations this year:

Sessions covering topics ranging from “Prediction Engines” and “Big Data Platforms” to “Deep Machine Learning” and “Quantum Computing” adorned the summit agenda and fostered rich and engaging discussions.

Virtual Faculty Summit

The Microsoft Research Faculty Summit was designed to be a collective experience. For those who were unable to attend in person, we developed a virtual event that brought the conference to their computers. Viewers could participate in the Q&A with Bill Gates, hear interviews with key faculty summit presenters, and listen to keynote speaker Doug Burger present “The Beast from Below: How Changes in the Hardware Ecosystem Will Disrupt Computer Science.” These sessions are now available for on-demand streaming.

Faculty Summit Chairs

Susan Dumais Stewart Tansley  Harold Javid

Susan Dumais
Microsoft Research


Stewart Tansley
Microsoft Research

Harold Javid
Microsoft Research