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Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2010

Faculty Summit 2010 Shapes the Future 

Faculty Summit 2010 Shapes the Future

During Microsoft Research’s Faculty Summit 2010, attendees discuss their favorite aspects of the event—from the Design Expo and specific research demos to a presentation by Turing Award winner Chuck Thacker.


Length: 01:30 

Collaboration and Sharing During Faculty Summit 2010 

Collaboration and Sharing During Faculty Summit 2010

Much of the world’s greatest research stems from successful collaborations, and Microsoft Research’s Faculty Summit provides a unique opportunity to forge the relationships to make such collaborations possible. During the 2010 event, researchers, academicians, and technologists from across the globe shared ideas and set in motion future collaborations.


Length: 01:33 

Computer scientists and researchers with diverse interests participated in Faculty Summit 2010

Diverse Expertise at Faculty Summit 2010

Microsoft Research’s Faculty Summit 2010 brought together a unique set of computer scientists and researchers with diverse interests—from cryptography and machine learning to embedded-system design and user-interface design. Learn more about these experts and hear how the summit inspired creativity and provided an opportunity for new directions in their work.


Length: 01:36


2010 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit: 350+ Attendees Worldwide 

A Worldwide Gathering

More than 350 researchers from 150 universities and 27 countries gather for two days of sharing and learning across multiple disciplines. Key event themes include Natural User Interaction; Data-Driven Software Engineering; The Challenge of Large Data; and Future Web: Intelligence, Ubiquity, and Trust.


Length: 01:45


WorldWide Telescope Mars video

Bringing Mars to the Masses

Microsoft Research and NASA worked together for more than a year to bring a new viewing experience to Mars imagery through the WorldWide Telescope. Interactive images and an exciting new NASA data set enable viewers to explore the planet virtually—taking a walk on Mars and making their own scientific discoveries. New features include a true-color map of Mars, astonishing 3-D rendering of the surface of the planet, and exclusive interactive video tours with two NASA scientists.


Length: 02:20

WorldWide Telescope Version 1 Launch Videos