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Faculty Summit 2010

July 12–13, 2010
Redmond, Washington, United States

About Faculty Summit

About Faculty Summit

The eleventh annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit brought together more than 400 thought leaders from academia, government, and Microsoft to reflect on how current computing disciplines open new opportunities for research and development. Faculty Summit 2010 investigated compelling research topics such as Architectures of the Future, Natural User Interaction, Future Web / Web 4.0, and Accelerating Science. Learn more...

News Highlights

Design Expo 2010

Design Expo 2010: Where Service Meets Social
Student teams from six top graduate design institutions showcased their prototype interaction-design ideas in this year’s Microsoft Research Design Expo. The teams’ design solutions reflect the theme “Service meets Social,” which focuses on the marriage of exceptional process and ideas. 

Faculty Fellows 2010

Faculty Fellows for 2010
Microsoft Research recognizes seven new outstanding faculty members as the 2010 Faculty Fellows. These individuals were nominated by their universities and represent a selection of the best and brightest in their fields. The selected professors are exploring breakthrough, high-impact research that has the potential to help solve some of today’s most challenging problems. 

Download WorldWide Telescope

WorldWide Telescope Reveals Mars in 3-D
The latest version of the WorldWide Telescope has unveiled the largest, seamless spherical map ever made of the night sky. Provided through an on-going collaborative relationship with NASA, Microsoft has also released the most complete pole-to-pole coverage of Mars images available allowing WorldWide Telescope users to experience Mars in 3-D.  


Feature Stories
Terapixel Project: Lots of Data, Expertise Terapixel Project: Lots of Data, Expertise
The Terapixel project from the External Research division of Microsoft Research uses a huge amount of data and the latest technological advances to offer the public the largest, seamless spherical image of Earth’s night sky.
Design Expo Focus: Student Innovation Design Expo Focus: Student Innovation
A challenging theme, team projects, presentations to leaders in the design world, and a scavenger hunt—they’re all part of the Design Expo, a program that fosters relationships between Microsoft and leading design schools around the world.