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Faculty Summit 2007
Faculty Summit 2007

Held July 16-17 in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft Research Faculty Summit brings together hundreds of leaders from academia, government, and Microsoft to share ideas, discuss opportunities for innovation, and collectively define the research agenda in the academic community.

Summit Focus

Computing is ubiquitous, appearing in the most interesting places. Meanwhile, today’s most compelling scientific questions are fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature, creating new challenges for computing research. Researchers from diverse fields are finding new ways to collaborate.

This is a time for optimism. The 2007 faculty summit explored these questions:

  • What new approaches are required to drive fundamental advances in multi-core/many-core processing?
  • What web-scale enablers do academic researchers need to drive significant innovation in technologies such as search?
  • What computing breakthroughs are needed to enable the next generation of mobile and embedded devices?
  • In which new directions is the quest for scientific discovery taking the field of computing research?