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Faculty Summit 2005
Faculty Summit 2005

Held on July 18–19, 2005 in Redmond, Washington, the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit brings together research institution faculty members and Microsoft researchers, architects, and executives to collectively discuss a vision for the future of computing. This event also explores how Microsoft and academic researchers can team up to help develop the breakthroughs that will define the future of software computing in this decade.

Summit Focus

With the theme “Computing: The Next Decade,” the summit focused on the research and technical challenges in areas such as security, mobility, software engineering, languages, human-computer interaction, embedded computing, eScience, and technologies for education. Panels, presentations, and discussions at the conference addressed subjects such as pervasive computing and resulting novel applications, including mobile devices, human-computer interaction, sensor networks, and robotics. Attendees discussed technological advances in languages, compilers, and embedded systems. And, throughout all topics, we considered how systems can become trustworthy in terms of security, reliability, and privacy.

Faculty Summit 2005 Contents