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EuroDW 2013 Program


Subject/title Speakers
09:00 Opening
09:30 6 x Group A 5 mins presentations + 5 mins Q &A
Mixed-criticality scheduling for high assurance, general purpose platforms Anna Lyons (UNSW and NICTA, Australia)
Reader-Writer-(Non)-Synchronisation Benjamin Engel (TU Dresden, Germany)
Security and Dependability in Cloud based Critical Online Applications Bernardo Ferreira (FCT/UNL - CITI, Portugal)
Musketeer: strength in framework diversity Ionel Gog (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
Virtual TCP Offload Engines Julian Stecklina (TU Dresden, Germany)
Application Fingerprinting Marc Bruenink (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
10:30 Coffee and Posters
11:00 6 x Group B 10 mins presentations + 5 mins Q &A
Regaining control over user data in Cloud Web applications Jean-Sébastien Légaré (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Online Configuration Checking for Network and Service Management Ludi Akue (University of Paul Sabatier - Toulouse 3, France)
Safe Software Updates via Multi-version Execution Petr Hosek (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
OCoDIn: Online Community Detection in the Internet Stefan Weigert (TU Dresden, Germany)
Keep Net Working - On a Dependable and Fast Networking Stack Thomas Hruby (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands)
DreamServer: Application Parking for Dependable and Resource-Efficient Web Services Thomas Knauth (TU Dresden, Germany)
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Coffee and Posters
14:30 6 x Group A 5 mins presentations + 5 mins Q &A
Detecting and analysing multi-stage payload attacks Marius Vlad (University Passau, Germany)
Reducing runtime overhead of software fault checks using Symbolic Execution Martin Nowack (TU Dresden, Germany)
War of the worlds: branch consistency in distributed systems Natacha Crooks (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
Eliminating timing channels from OS kernel Qian Ge (UNSW and NICTA, Australia)
Beehive: A Distributed Operating System for Cloud Platforms Jens Kehne (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
Memory Management for Heterogeneous Multicores Simon Gerber (ETH Zürich , Switzerland)
15:30 Coffee and Posters
16:00 6 x Group A 5 mins presentations + 5 mins Q &A
Investigating The Execution Behavior Of Deep-Layered Software Stacks James Snee (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
Scale-out NUMA Systems Stanko Novakovic (EPFL, Switzerland)
Distributed Computing on Hybrid Multicore Machines Stefan Kaestle (ETH Zürich , Switzerland)
Document Recovery Tomasz Kuchta (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
Providing Strong Consistency Semantics Efficiently in Geo-Replicated Databases Valter Balegas (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
Optimising Graph Computation Valentin Dalibard (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)