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EScience Workshop 2008 Keynotes and Presentations


The CARMEN Science Cloud
Paul Watson, Professor, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
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Digital Repositories, Archives and Infrastructures 
Peter Wittenburg, Technical Director, Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
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Distributed and Parallel Programming Environments and their Performance
Geoffrey Fox, Professor, Community Grids Laboratory, School of Informatics, Indiana University, United States
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eScience and the Fourth Paradigm: Supporting Data-centric Science
Tony Hey, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft External Research, United States
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Cloud Computing Tutorial 
Christophe Poulain, Yogesh Simmhan, Bora Beran, and Savas Parastatidis
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High Productivity Computing: Taking HPC Mainstream
Lee Grant
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Research Output Repository Platform (code name "Famulus") 
Alex Wade and Savas Parastatidis
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Trident, A Scientific Workflow Workbench for Data Intensive Computing 
Roger Barga, Dean Guo, Jared Jackson, and Nelson Araujo
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Research Presentations

A. Large Scale Data Analysis

GrayWulf: Petascale Data-Intensive Computing for eScience 
Alexander Szalay, Gordon Bell, Jan Vandenberg, et al.
Presenter: Alexander Szalay
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Pan-STARRS: Learning to Ride the Data Tsunami
Maria A. Nieto-Santisteban, Yogesh Simmhan, Roger Barga, et al.
Presenter: Maria A. Nieto-Santisteban
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GPU-Based Interactive Visualization of Billion Point Cosmological Simulations
Tamas Szalay, Volker Springel, and Gerard Lemson
Presenter: Tamas Szalay
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HPC-GPU: Large-Scale GPU Accelerated Windows HPC Clusters and Its Application to Advanced Bioinformatics and Structural Proteomics
Satoshi Matsuoka and Akira Nukada
Presenter: Satoshi Matsuoka
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B. Data Modeling and Preservation

A Web-Based Resource Model for eScience: Object Reuse and Exchange
Carl Lagoze, Herbert Van de Sompel, Michael Nelson, et al.
Presenter: Carl Lagoze
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A Data Model for Environmental Observations
David Valentine, Bora Beran, and Oleg Kapeljushnik
Presenter: Oleg Kapeljushnik
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Cyberinfrastructure Collaboration for Distributed Digital Preservation
Chris Jordan, Robert H. McDonald, David Minor, et al.
Presenter: Chris Jordan
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Knowledge Discovery Using Data Mined from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectral Images
William Brouwer
Presenter: William Brouwer
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C. Genomics

Prediction of RNA Secondary and Tertiary Structure while Determining Fundamental Principles of RNA Structure
Robin Gutell, David Gardner, and Stuart Ozer
Presenters: David Gardner and Robin Gutell
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Harnessing the World’s Computers to Hunt for Disease-Provoking Genes
Mark Silberstein, Assaf Schuster, and Dan Geiger
Presenter: Assaf Schuster
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Shared Genomics: Engaging Clinical Scientists with eScience Infrastructure
David Hoyle, Iain Buchan, and Mark Delderfield
Presenter: David Hoyle
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Making Sense of Sequences: Comparative Genomics and the New GIS
Peter Ansell, Chris Bowles, Lawrence Buckingham, et al.
Presenter: Xin-Yi Chua
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D. Data Visualization

Simplifying the Design of Workflows for Large-Scale Data Exploration and Visualization 
Juliana Freire and Claudio Silva
Presenter: Juliana Freire
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Querying and Visualizing Data Cube in Mathematica for Environmental Science Applications
Yongluan Zhou, Anshul Jain, Karl Aberer, and Sebastian Michel
Presenter: Sebastian Michel
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On-the-fly Visualization of Scientific Geospatial Data Using Wavelets
Cyrus Shahabi, Kai Song, and Farnoush Banaei-Kashani
Presenter: Farnoush Banaei-Kashani
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E. Bio Tools

Publication and Consumption of caBIG Data Services Using .NET
Marty Humphrey, Norm Beekwilder, and Jie Li
Presenter: Marty Humphrey
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Supporting Life Scientists via End User Programming
Luke Church, Jasmin Fisher, and Katinka Apagyi
Presenter: Luke Church
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Microsoft Computational Finance Server as a Platform for Computational Biology – A Pilot Application
Robert Bukowski and Jarek Pillardy
Presenter: Robert Bukowski
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BioMashups: The New World of Exploratory Bioinformatics?
James Hogan, Jiro Sumitomo, Paul Roe, and Felicity Newell
Presenter: James Hogan
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F. Scientific Frameworks

Software + Services for Engineers
Steven Johnston, Simon Cox, Kenji Takeda, and Phillip Marsh
Presenter: Steven Johnston
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Beyond Genes, Proteins and Abstracts: A Framework to Capture Scientific Claims
Catherine Blake
Presenter: Catherine Blake
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Cloud Computing Framework Design for Cancer Imaging Research
Maria Susana Avila Garcia, Anne E. Trefethen, et al.
Presenter: Daniel Goodman
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Evolving Health Informatics Semantic Frameworks and Metadata-Driven Architectures
Jim Davies, Jeremy Gibbons, Steve Harris, and Denise Warzel
Presenters: Jim Davies, Jeremy Gibbons, and Steve Harris
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G. Sensor Data

A Data Centered Collaboration Portal to Support Global Carbon-Flux Analysis
Deb Agarwal and Marty Humphrey
Presenter: Deb Agarwal
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Deploying Advanced Wireless Sensor Networks for Ecological Monitoring
Jayant Gupchup, Alex Szalay, Andreas Terzis, et al.
Presenter: Jayant Gupchup
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Smart Shoe for Balance, Fall Risk Assessment and Applications in Wireless Health
Hyduke Noshadi, Shaun Ahmadian, Foad Dabiri, et al.
Presenter: Hyduke Noshadi
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SenseWeb: Sharing and Browsing Environmental Changes in Real-time
Liqian Luo, Aman Kansal, Suman Nath, et al.
Presenter: Stewart Tansley
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I. Web Services for eScience

Accelerating Time to Experiment – The myExperiment Approach to Open Science
David De Roure, Carole Goble, and Jiten Bhagat
Presenter: David De Roure
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Biocatalogue: A Curated Web Service Registry for the Life Science Community
Khalid Belhajjame, Carole Goble, Franck Tanoh, et al.
Presenter: Carole Goble
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Real-time and Retrospective Analysis of Video Streams and Still Image Collections Using MPEG-7
Ganesh Gopalan
Presenter: Ganesh Gopalan
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J. Simulation and Modeling

Processes and Constraints in Scientific Model Construction
Will Bridewell and Pat Langley
Presenter: Will Bridewell
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Mitigating the Energy Crisis Using Simulation for Enhanced Oil Recovery: Analyzing Oil Fields Grain by Grain
David Holmes, John Williams, and Peter Tilke
Presenter: David Holmes
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Development of a 3D Stomach Model for Surgical Planning
Qaiser Chaudry, May Wang, and Yan Xu
Presenter: Qaiser Chaudry
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Panel: What Do Scientists Really Need to Facilitate Time to Discovery?

Moderator: David Heckerman
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Jeff Dozier, Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara: Snowmelt runoff, eScience, and the end of stationarity

Bryan Traynor, Research Fellow, National Institute of Aging, National Institutes of Health: What Do Scientists Really Need…

Jeremy Frey, Professor, University of South Hampton: Science Ajar: Chemistry Clouds and Crowds

George Djorgovski, Professor, California Institute of Technology: Towards a New Science Methodology