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2008 Microsoft eScience Workshop

The eScience Workshop 2008, held December 7-8, 2008, brought together scientists from diverse research disciplines to share their research and discuss how computing is shaping their work and facilitating scientific discovery. The 2008 event focused on computing technologies that enable scalable solutions in order to address scientific grand challenges.

Theme: Accelerating Time to Scientific Discovery

In 2007, the Microsoft eScience workshop at RENCI in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, attracted more than 250 scientists, researchers, and academics. There were more than 50 presentations and 100 posters showcasing projects in areas as diverse as astronomy, malaria, and the use of GPUs for scientific computation. Feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and the event also served as a venue for Microsoft groups to meet with researchers and discuss future collaborations.

In 2008, we are fortunate to be partnering with Professor Geoffrey Fox from Indiana University and the IEEE eScience Conference. The venue for both events is University Place Conference Center & Hotel at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In keeping with the workshop theme, Accelerating Time to Scientific Discovery, there are several new features in support:

  • Tutorials that cover facilitatory technologies ranging from cloud computing to virtual research environments and repositories.
  • A panel of scientists from diverse research disciplines describe roadblocks and make possible recommendations before opening the floor to questions.
  • Birds of a feather sessions.


Tony HeyThe primary sponsor for the event is the Microsoft External Research group, headed by Corporate Vice President Tony Hey.