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Cognitive Wireless Networking Summit 2008

The Cognitive Wireless Networking Summit brings together researchers from academia and industry to discuss the new challenges in building cognitive wireless networks. The cross-disciplinary agenda will include presentations and discussions on hardware challenges at RF, fundamental limits at physical layer in cognitive sensing and communications, cognitive MAC and network layers, security, spectrum policy and finally technical proof-of-concept demonstrations.

The next generation of wireless networks will be cognitive! They will learn the availability of spectrum and the application’s demand, and use it to configure its parameters, such as center frequency, transmit power, and physical layer modulation. This vision is driven by two recent developments:

  • Powerful new hardware, such as SDRs or multi-radio systems, enable a wireless network to quickly reconfigure itself.
  • The FCC is likely to allow devices to opportunistically steal licensed portions of the spectrum.

These developments necessitate the rethinking of our current design principles for wireless networking, ranging from hardware to applications.

This workshop is organized by Ranveer ChandraAshutosh Sabharwal and Victor Bahl.