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Beyond Search: Semantic Computing and Internet Economics 2009 Workshop

The Beyond Search – Semantic Computing and Internet Economics 2009 Workshop gathered the winners of the Beyond Search Request For Proposals (RFP), which directly addressed the need for more large-scale data by making additional real-world, large-scale data available to academia, under a limited data license agreement.

This RFP encouraged academic research and innovation in the areas of semantic computing and Internet economics. In particular, with this RFP, Microsoft increased the availability of relevant, large, current data sets for research, along with providing an increased quota to access the search and adPlatform APIs to help discover new data analysis, new algorithm development, and new behaviours in the following areas:
  • Semantic computing
    • Intent detection—from search to find
    • Platforms and tools (semantics, acquisition model, incentives)
    • Data confidentiality/privacy
  • Internet economics
    • Ad auction design
    • User intent (commercial/location intent detection)
    • Ad relevance, quality, and ranking
    • Personalization and targeting
    • Adversarial interactions
    • Forecasting and trend detection
    • Incentives and ratings


The goal of the Beyond Search Workshop 2009 is threefold:

  • Share the research results among the winners of the Beyond Search – Semantic Computing and Internet Economics RFP to encourage further collaborations.
  • Understand how the assets contributed to enable academic research.
  • Engage in a two-way conversation with search and adCenter stakeholders from Microsoft and Microsoft Research.


In order to accomplish the above stated goals, the workshop will have a mix of presentations, posters, and demonstrations (demos) as follows:

  • Presentations of the Beyond Search RFP 2009 projects, one year into the research, including one slide entitled: “the Quest for Assets – the Good, the Bad and the Wanted,” summarizing:
    • How the assets were helpful in answering research questions
    • Where these assets failed to be helpful and why
    • Which research questions principal investigators would like to address if unlimited access to assets were an option
  • Demo session from search stakeholders from Microsoft and Microsoft Research
  • Talks by Microsoft business stakeholders, Microsoft
Beyond Search 2009 Contents
Workshop Information
  • Dates: June 10–11, 2009
  • Location: Microsoft Research
    Microsoft Corporation
    Building 99, Lecture Room
    Redmond, Washington, United States
  • Contact: Evelyne Viegas at