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AISEC 2012

5th ACM Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Security

Conference site: CCS'2012

Past AISEC workshops:
2008 2009 2010 2011

Accepted Papers

Accepted Full Papers

  • Improving Malware Detection: Bridging the Static/Dynamic Gap
    Blake Anderson, Curtis Storlie and Terran Lane.
  • On the Effectiveness of using State-of-the-art Machine Learning Techniques to Launch Cryptographic Distinguishing Attacks
    Jung-Wei Chou, Shou-De Lin and Chen-Mou Cheng.
  • Robust Detection of Comment Spam Using Entropy Rate
    Alex Kantchelian, Justin Ma, Ling Huang, Sadia Afroz, Anthony Joseph and J. D. Tygar.
  • Learning Stateful Models for Network Honeypots
    Tammo Krueger, Hugo Gascon, Nicole Krämer and Konrad Rieck.
  • An information theoretic framework for web inference detection
    Hoi Le and Rei Safavi-Naini.
  • Understanding the Time-series Behavioral Characteristics of Evolutionally Advanced Email Spammers
    Yukiko Sawaya, Ayumu Kubota and Akira Yamada.
  • Early Detection of Malicious Behavior in JavaScript Code
    Kristof Schütt, Marius Kloft, Alexander Bikadorov and Konrad Rieck.
  • Autonomous Learning for Detection of JavaScript Attacks: Vision or Reality?
    Guido Schwenk, Alexander Bikadorov, Tammo Krueger and Konrad Rieck.
  • Tracking concept drift in malware families
    Anshuman Singh, Andrew Walenstein and Arun Lakhotia.
  • Nonparametric Semi-Supervised Learning for Network Intrusion Detection: Combining Performance Improvements with Realistic In-Situ Training
    Christopher Symons and Justin Beaver.