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Machine Learning Meets the User Interface

A workshop at NIPS 2003

Friday, December 12, 2003



How can we make computers interact more intelligently with us? Does the field of Human/Computer Interface (HCI) suggest challenging new problems for machine learning? This workshop will address these and other related questions. We will focus discussion on five topics in HCI which have the greatest connection to machine learning (shown below). The goal of the workshop is to cross-fertilize HCI with machine learning by fostering discussion between researchers in the two fields.


  1. User modeling and personalization --- making predictive models of human state and preferences, in order to serve them better.
  2. Multimodal and perceptual user interfaces --- giving computers one or more senses, to make interaction with people more natural.
  3. Computerized support for meetings --- meeting capture and retrieval, to make meetings more effective.
  4. Direct brain-computer interface ---- input to computers directly from the brain.
  5. Intelligent dialog systems --- systems that can engage in conversations with people.

Invited Speakers


Click on talk title to see abstract

7:30AM Welcome 
7:35AM General Overview: Machine Learning meets the User Interface 
  Eric HorvitzToward Adaptive, Personalized Computing: Directions and Frontiers (talk) 
  John PlattMinimizing Calibration Efforts for an Indoor 802.11 Device Location Measurement System (spotlight) 

Ali Taylan CemgilProbabilistic Machine Listening for Interactive Music Performance Systems (spotlight) 


John Williamson: Probabilistic Models and Continuous Dynamics (spotlight) 

8:20AM Discussion and Poster Viewing 
8:45AM  Intelligent Dialog Systems 
  Satinder Singh BavejaChallenges and Opportunities for Reinforcement Learning in Human Computer Interaction Systems (talk) 
  Tim Paek: Optimizing Call Routing by Integrating Spoken Dialog Models with Queuing Models (spotlight) 

Ivan TashevImproving Meetings with Microphone Array Algorithms (spotlight) 

9:30AM Discussion and Poster Viewing 
9:55AM  Computer Support for Meetings 

Iain McCowanRecognition of Multimodal Group Actions in Meetings (talk) 

4:00PM  User modeling and Personalization 

Corey Anderson: Web Personalization with Machine Learning (talk) 


Krzysztof Gajos: Automatically Generating User Interfaces (spotlight) 

  Mikko KurimoRetrieving a User Language Model from an Unsupervised Document Map (spotlight) 
4:45PM  Discussion and Poster Viewing 
5:10PM  Multimodal and Perceptual User Interfaces 
  Trevor DarrellVision for Multimodal Conversational Interfaces (talk) 
  Samuel KaskiRelevance Feedback from Eye Movements for Proactive IR (spotlight) 
  Nebojsa JojicJoint Design of Data Analysis Algorithms and User Interface for Video Applications (spotlight)
  David HardoonSignal Extraction for Brain-Computer Interface (spotlight) 
5:55PM  Discussion and Poster Viewing 
6:20PM  Brain-Computer Interface 
  Benjamin BlankertzEnhancing Brain-Computer Interfaces by Machine Learning Techniques (talk) 
6:55PM  Wrap-up