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Joulemeter is a software tool that estimates the power consumption of your computer. It tracks computer resources, such as CPU utilization and screen brightness, and estimates power usage.


File NameJoulemeterSetup.msi
Date Published29 September 2011
Download Size0.90 MB

Note By installing, copying, or otherwise using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms of its license. Read the license.


Version 1.1 of Joulemeter is a research preview that enables advanced users to try out some of the features of Joulemeter energy modeling.

System Requirements

To run this software, you’ll need the following:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7

Recommended hardware:

  • No extra hardware is required on laptops. For desktop machines, a WattsUp power meter (WattsUp Pro with USB connection) is recommended for learning an accurate power model for your computer. The power model enables Joulemeter to provide more accurate power data. The meter can be shared among multiple computers and users as it is needed once, for only a few minutes, per computer. The software will work without a power meter as well.


What's new in version 1.1 (compared to version 1.0 Alpha):

  • Application energy metering feature added.
  • Save to file option is provided to save power data.
  • Manual editing of power model is supported.
  • A single application is used for calibration and power usage monitoring (instead of a background service and a taskbar based application).
  • Several improvements have been made to the calibration process, making it more likely to succeed on a variety of computers.
  • A new user interface is provided.

Installation Instructions

Note This application sends information to Microsoft Research about your computer. We do not collect personal information or other data stored on your hard disk. Read our Privacy Statement.

To install Joulemeter, do the following:

  1. Click the Download button above.
  2. Download the JoulementerSetup.msi to your computer.
  3. Double-click the JoulementerSetup.msi file.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.