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U-Prove Extensions SDK

The U-Prove Extensions SDK implements extensions to the U-Prove Cryptographic Specification [1], and is a companion to the U-Prove C# SDK [2].


Date Published19 June 2014
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The U-Prove Extensions SDK contains the following extensions:

o ID Escrow: allows an Auditor to de-anonymize a fraudulent user by decrypting a user-provided verifiably-encrypted identity.

o Accumulator designated-verifier revocation: provides efficient constant-size and time revocation.

o Collaborative issuance: allows the issuance of attributes unknown to the Issuer, which can be copied from another token.

o PolyProof: provides more flexible proof types, allowing a user to prove that an undisclosed attribute is part of a set, part of an interval, is equal to another undisclosed value (which could be an attribute from a different token), or is not equal to a target value.

For more information about the extensions and the U-Prove technology, please visit