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FetchClimate provides ready access to complex geographical information including, but not limited to, climatological information. FetchClimate will choose the best data set for your query, and perform all the necessary regridding in space and time. It will return a best guess, uncertainty, and provenance for your query and display the results on the map for visual exploration.


Date Published22 May 2014
Download Size89.58 MB

Note By installing, copying, or otherwise using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms of its license. Read the license.


  • Area selection: enables selection of single or multiple regions or points
  • Data: including air temperature, precipitation, and much more intelligently selected for each request, or enables the user to select particular data sets
  • Time series: retrieves annual, seasonal, monthly, and daily data
  • Output: presents the results graphically or export it to CSV
  • Provides access through the web interface, a client application, or programmatically through a REST API Typical FetchClimate installation consists of two cloud services:

Typical FetchClimate installation consists of two cloud services: FetchClimate service and Storage service.

FetchClimate service:

  • Provides Web interface to environmental data
  • Provides REST API for programmatic data access
  • Hosts computation roles
  • Manages queue of requests

Storage service:

  • Stores raw environmental data that can be consumed by FetchClimate service