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Avatar Dataset

We introduce a new corpus of descriptions of Xbox avatars created by actual gamers. Each avatar is specified by 19 attributes, including clothing and body type, allowing for more than 10^20 possibilities. Using Amazon Mechanical Turk, we collected literal and sentimental descriptions of complete avatars and many of their component parts. In all, there are over 100K descriptions, including relative and multilingual descriptions, which will support different tasks, such as learning to automatically describe an avatar or generate one from a description.


Date Published25 June 2013
Download Size3.03 MB

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This dataset contains publicly generated responses and may contain terms that some may consider offensive, indecent or otherwise objectionable. Microsoft has not reviewed or modified the content of the dataset. Microsoft is providing this dataset as a convenience and is not responsible or liable for any inappropriate content in the dataset. Use of the dataset is at your own risk and discretion.