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Project Daytona: Iterative MapReduce on Windows Azure

Microsoft has developed an iterative MapReduce runtime for Windows Azure, code-named Daytona. Project Daytona is designed to support a wide class of data analytics and machine-learning algorithms. It can scale to hundreds of server cores for analysis of distributed data. Project Daytona was developed as part of the eXtreme Computing Group’s Cloud Research Engagement Initiative.


Date Published28 November 2011
Download Size11.91 MB

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On Nov. 14, 2011 we released an updated Daytona community technical preview (CTP) that contains a number of performance improvements from our recent development sprint, improved fault tolerance, along with enhancements for iteratative algorithms and data caching. Click the Download button above to get the latest package with these updates. Learn more about this release...


Project Daytona on Window Azure is now available, along with a deployment guide, developer and user documentation, and code samples for both data analysis algorithms and client application. This implementation of an iterative MapReduce runtime on Windows Azure allows laboratories, small groups, and individual researchers to use the power of the cloud to analyze data sets on gigabytes or terabytes of data and run large-scale machine learning algorithms on dozens or hundreds of compute cores.

Included in the CTP Refresh (Nov. 14, 2011)

This refresh to the Daytona CTP contains the following enhancments:

  1. Updated
    1. Binaries
    2. Hosting project source
    3. API help reference file (CHM
    4. Documentation

Included in the CTP Release (Nov. 14, 2011)

This CTP release consists of a ZIP file ( that includes our Windows Azure cloud service installation package along with the documentation and sample codes.

  • The Deployment Package folder contains a package to be deployed on your Windows Azure account, a configuration file for setting up your account, and a guide that offers step-by-step instructions to set up Project Daytona on your Window Azure service. This package also contains the user guide that describes the user interface for launching data analytics jobs on Project Daytona from a sample client application.
  • The Samples folder contains source code for sample data analytics algorithms written for Project Daytona as examples, along with source code for a sample client application to invoke data analytics algorithms on Project Daytona. The distribution also includes a developer guide for authoring new data analytics algorithms for Project Daytona, along with user guides for both the Daytona iterative MapReduce runtime and client application.

About Project Daytona

The project code-named Daytona is part of an active research and development project in the eXtreme Computing Group of Microsoft Research. We will continue to tune the performance of Project Daytona and add new functionality, fix any software defects that are identified, and periodically push out new versions.

Please report any issues you encounter in using Project Daytona to XCG Engagement or contact Roger Barga with suggestion for improvements and/or new features.