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Safer TypeScript

Safer TypeScript is an alternative type-checker and code generator for TypeScript that guarantees type-safety through a combination of static and dynamic checks. Its implementation is fully integrated within the TypeScript-0.9.5 compiler—programmers can opt in to Safer TypeScript simply by providing a flag to the compiler. Like TypeScript, the code generated by Safer TypeScript is standard JavaScript and runs on stock virtual machines. This release is an early preview of Safer TypeScript with a non-commercial use license. We plan to make Safer TypeScript available under the same license as TypeScript (Apache v2) shortly. Although the download contains around 100,000 lines of sample code that type-checks, compiles and runs safely using Safer TypeScript (notably the compiler itself), documentation of the new features is still sparse. More samples and documentation will be made available in the coming weeks. To experiment with the compiler in your browser, visit The in-browser version lags slightly behind the released code, but it should give you a flavor of how the compiler works.


Date Published1 July 2014
Download Size76.83 MB

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