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Microsoft Research Group Shot

Group Shot creates a composite image from a series of photos. The photos must be of the same scene, taken from the same point of view within a short period of time. The application uses regions that you indicate to build a composite image automatically.


File NameGroupShotSetup.msi
Date Published12 September 2006
Download Size1.33 MB

Note The Group Shot download is currently not available. We hope to make this available again in future. Please check back often.

New Features

Version 1.03 fixes a few bugs and adds the ability to save results as a TIFF and Layered PSD.

System Requirements

To run this software, you’ll need the following:

  • Windows XP

Support and Help

A forum is hosted at GotDotNet. There, you'll find message boards to discuss MSR Group Shot and ways to use it. You'll be able to file bug reports, sign up as a member of the community, and get announcements about new features.

Screen Shots and help file.

More Information

Group Shot was developed by Alex Colburn, Matthew Uyttendaele, and Michael Cohen. Please see our web pages for more information on related technologies. For more information about the algorithms behind Group Shot, please see the 2004 ACM SIGGRAPH paper Interactive Digital Photomontage.