Pitch and Voicing Estimates for Aurora 2

This archive consists of a set of pitch period and voicing estimates for utterances found in the Aurora 2 corpus[1] using the algorithm described in [2]. Currently, pitch estimates are available for test sets A and B, as well as the clean training data. [1] H. G. Hirsch and D. Pearce, "The AURORA experimental framework for the performance evaluations of speech recognition systems under noisy condidions", in ISCA ITRW ASR2000 "Automatic Speech Recognition: Challenges for the Next Millennium", Paris, France, September 2000. [2] J. Droppo and A. Acero. Maximum a Posteriori Pitch Tracking, in Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Spoken Language Processing. Sydney, Australia. Dec 1998.


File Namepitch_a2_v1.zip
Date Published12 January 2005
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