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Discussion Graph Tool

Discussion Graph Tool (DGT) simplifies social media analysis by making it easy to extract high-level features and co-occurrence relationships from raw data. With just 3-4 simple lines of script, you can load your social media data, extract complex features such as mood, gender and location, and generate a graph among arbitrary features. Throughout, DGT automates best-practices, such as tracking the context of relationships.


Date Published19 June 2014
Download Size115.30 MB

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For more information about the Discussion Graph Tool, including step-by-step walkthroughs, please visit the DGT homepage.  Thanks! 


#1 Analyzing Mood of Product Reviews

This walkthrough focuses on answering the question: How does mood (joviality, anger, guilt, ...) correlate with product review score? Does this vary by gender? As a bonus, see how to extract a graph of products based on their common reviewers. Read the step-by-step.

#2 Analyzing Twitter Hashtags

This walkthrough focuses on twitter data and extracting a graph of related hashtags based on co-occurrences. Read the step-by-step.