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Privacy Integrated Queries (PINQ)

Privacy Integrated Queries (PINQ) is a LINQ-like API for writing programs against sensitive data sets, while providing differential privacy guarantees for the underlying records. This first release provides the PINQ infrastructure, several example data analysis applications, and should be suitable for prototyping many differentially-private data analyses.


Date Published18 August 2009
Download Size0.27 MB

Note By installing, copying, or otherwise using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms of its license. Read the license.

What's New

This is the first release of the Privacy Integrated Queries (PINQ) infrastructure. Its important features are the following:

  • A fully functional implementation of the PINQ programming language.
  • Infrastructure for data providers to manage differential privacy budgets.
  • Absolutely no hardening, security, or thorough testing. Do not use in the wild.

System Requirements

PINQ is available both as C# source code and a Visual Studio 2008 project. The easiest way to explore PINQ is through Visual Studio 2008, but the source also compiles and runs under other C# platforms.

Installation Instructions

PINQ is available for download as a Visual Studio project, containing both the project that builds the PINQ.dll library, as well as a few example programs.

To install PINQ, do the following:

  1. Download, and then unzip it, which should result in a directory containing the Visual Studio 2008 project.

    The project contains both the source to build the PINQ.dll library, as well as several example applications.
  2. Double-click the solution file to start the project.
  3. To just use the PINQ.dll to include in your own Visual Studio project, you can find it in the PINQ subdirectory of the Visual Studio project.

For more information about using PINQ, see the PINQ Project and PINQ Tutorial pages.