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This download installs the runtime and static checking tools for managed contracts along with Visual Studio integration. The tools enable runtime and static checking of managed contracts.

Release 1.3.30524.1 (May 24, 2010)

New features

Please read the updated documentation on details of the new features. The documentation now has a "What's new" section at the beginning with pointers to relevant changed parts.

  • Assembly Mode: Makes it explicit if the rewriter is used on release builds or not. See section 5.1 in the documentation.
  • Contract Argument Validator Methods
    Factor legacy if-then-throw sequences and use them as if they were primitive contract methods.
  • Contract Abbreviator Methods
    Factor non-legacy requires contracts and use them as if they were primitive contract methods.
  • ContractOption attribute
    Provides on/off control over inheritance and runtime checking at assembly, type, or method granularity

Many fixes and improvements

  • Installer setting of environment variable problem fixed
  • Proper extracting source text from Requires(Of …)(…) in VB
  • Proper extracting source text from If .. Then legacy in VB
  • Pop up box due to missing source context in error list fixed
  • Some performance improvements in rewriter
  • Complicated generics are now better handled in assembly reader
  • Numerous fixes to static checker precision/correctness
  • Recursion guards are not omitted when recursion is obviously not present
  • More robust msbuild hook integration
  • Stricter checking of contract well-formedness

System Requirements

To run this software, you’ll need the following:

  • Windows XP, Vista, or Win7 Beta
    32bit and 64bit version are supported
  • Visual Studio 2008, Professional or higher


Please discuss, provide feedback, and report problems and suggestsion at our msdn forum.

Commercial License

Corresponding release on devlabs for commercial use

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