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About Chemistry Add-in for Word

Chemistry Add-in for WordThe Chemistry Add-in for Word makes it easier to insert and modify chemical information, such as labels, formulas, and 2-D depictions, within Microsoft Office Word. Additionally, it enables the creation of inline “chemical zones,” the rendering of print-ready visual depictions of chemical structures, and the ability to store and expose chemical information in a semantically rich manner.

By using Chemical Markup Language (CML)—a chemistry-specific XML—the Chemistry Add-in for Word makes it possible not only to author chemical content in Word 2007 and 2010, but also to include the data behind those structures. The Chemistry Add-in and CML help make chemistry documents open, readable, and easily accessible to humans as well as other technologies. The Chemistry Add-in supports publishing and data-mining scenarios for authors, readers, publishers, and others throughout the chemical information community. Learn more...

System Requirements

To run this software, you’ll need the following:

Installation Instructions

To install Chemistry Add-in, do the following:

  1. Close all Word documents
  2. Copy the Chemistry Add-in .zip file to your hard drive
  3. Extract the contents of the .zip file to a folder
  4. Navigate to that folder and run Setup.exe, which runs the standard MSI installation wizard
  5. Use the installation wizard to install the Chemistry Add-in


Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, Cambridge University, UK

  • Peter Murray-Rust, Cambridge University, UK
  • Jim Downing, Cambridge University, UK
  • Dr. Joe Townsend, Cambridge University, UK

Microsoft Corporation