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Microsoft Research Automata Tool Kit

Automata is a .NET tool kit that provides facilities for manipulating and analyzing regular expressions, symbolic finite automata, and symbolic finite transducers. It supports automata and transducers where input and output alphabets can be fully symbolic. Constraints over the alphabets can be analyzed using Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT) solvers. The tool kit provides a particular extension that uses the Microsoft SMT solver Z3.


File NameAutomata-1.0.msi
Date Published27 October 2011
Download Size3.13 MB

Note By installing, copying, or otherwise using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms of its license. Read the license.

New Features

  • This is the first release of the toolkit.

System Requirements

To run this software, you’ll need the following:

  • Windows 7 and .Net version 4.0.
  • Visual Studio 2010 for viewing directed graphs generated in dgml format.
  • The distribution comes in form of three .Net libraries compiled for the x86 platform.

Installation Instructions

To install Automata, do the following:

  1. Run Automata.msi
  2. The toolkit is by default placed in Program Files/Microsoft Research/Automata
Project Page
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