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Structured Edge Detection Toolbox

Very fast edge detector (up to 60 fps depending on parameter settings) that achieves excellent accuracy. Can serve as input to any vision algorithm requiring high quality edge maps. Toolbox also includes the Edge Boxes object proposal generation method and fast superpixel code. Please see the following papers for details: (1) Structured Forests for Fast Edge Detection, P. Dollár and C. Zitnick, ICCV 2013. (2) Fast Edge Detection Using Structured Forests, P. Dollár and C. Zitnick, arXiv 2014. (3) Edge Boxes: Locating Object Proposals from Edges, C. Zitnick and P. Dollár, ECCV 2014. Provided is the Matlab source code (requires Matlab to run).


Date Published11 September 2014
Download Size21.50 MB

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