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Research at Microsoft

We have contributed to nearly every product Microsoft has shipped, including Kinect for Xbox, Cortana, cool free photography apps like Hyperlapse, and other programs that help secure your data in the cloud. We have world-renowned scientists at the forefront of machine learning, computer vision, speech, and artificial intelligence. Our external collaborations include efforts to prevent disease outbreaks and solve problems facing large cities such as traffic and pollution.

Explore and discover what our more than 1,000 researchers and engineers in labs around the world have been up to lately.

Artificial intelligence

Horvitz receives ACM-AAAI Allen Newell Award for groundbreaking artificial intelligence work

Eric Horvitz, a technical fellow and managing director of Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, research lab, received the ACM-AAAI Allen Newell Award for groundbreaking contributions in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction.

Machine learning and AI

Welcome to the Invisible Revolution

Learn how advances in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and machine learning have us on the cusp of a future in which technology is increasingly pervasive yet increasingly invisible.

Computer vision

Decades of computer vision research,
one ‘Swiss Army knife’

Seeing AI, a research project that can be used as a cell phone app or via smart glasses, uses computer vision and natural language processing to describe a person's surroundings, read text, answer questions and even identify emotions on people's faces.

Open source AI

CNTK, Microsoft's open source deep learning toolkit, now available on GitHub

By increasing the speed at which computers can understand speech, the Computational Network Toolkit "is just insanely more efficient than anything we've ever seen," says researcher Xuedong Huang.

Academic research and computer science news