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Encryption and quantum computing

Securing today's data against tomorrow's quantum computers

Krysta Svore is leading a team of Microsoft researchers in collaboration with chip maker NXP and Queensland University of Technology to develop encryption to help secure the Web from attacks from quantum computers.
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Artificial intelligence

Crowd wisdom among many topics examined at top AI event

How Robust is the Wisdom of the Crowds? is just one of the 20 papers Microsoft researchers and their artificial intelligence collaborators from around the world will present at IJCAI 2015, the main international gathering of AI researchers that spans multiple disciplines.
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Machine learning, teaching

The next evolution of machine learning: Machine teaching

Microsoft researchers are at the forefront of machine teaching: an effort to help people without a machine learning background teach their systems to get better based on experience.
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Human-computer interaction

Microsoft HoloLens RFP: Academics invited to create new experiences

The Microsoft HoloLens Academic RFP will award US$100,000 and two HoloLens development kits to academic institutions.
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