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SQL Server 2016 data encryption

SQL Server 2016 includes new advances that
keeps data safer

SQL Server 2016 Always EncryptedMicrosoft SQL Server 2016's first public preview will include Always Encrypted, an additional layer of security that keeps valuable personal data such as Social Security numbers, private healthcare data or credit card information protected even when the data is being used.
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Technology and social computing

Nancy Baym's new research tells all

Nancy BaymMicrosoft researcher Nancy Baym discusses what's new in the second edition of her acclaimed book, Personal Connections in the Digital Age, the predictability and unpredictability of technology and how we use it, and where her research is headed -- at least as far as she can predict. 
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Machine Learning, AI and software development

Project Oxford technologies bring machine learning API capabilities to app development

A set of technologies dubbed Project Oxford allow developers to create smarter apps that can do things like facial recognition and interpret natural language even if the developers are not experts in those fields. 
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Keeping up with the Jetsons: Breazeal and Horvitz on the future of robotics

Atlantic contributing editor Mary Louise Kelly hosts a conversation about the future of robotics with Cynthia Breazeal, founder and chief science officer of Jibo, Inc., and Eric Horvitz, distinguished scientist and director of the Microsoft's Redmond research lab. 
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