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Learn how more than 1,000 Microsoft researchers and engineers collaborate worldwide to improve the way we all work and live.

New in Human-Computer Interaction

Making HCI more personal and useful

Microsoft Research at CHI 2015Learn more about what some 70 Microsoft researchers presented at ACM CHI 2015, the premiere conference on human-computer interaction – research results and tools that can do everything from create an interactive, 3D map of your neighborhood to simply deliver you better web search results. 
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Handpose technology can track detailed hand motion

Researchers at Microsoft have developed a system that can track – in real time – all the sophisticated and nuanced hand motions that people make in their everyday lives. The Handpose system could eventually be used by everyone from law enforcement officials directing robots into dangerous situations to office workers who want to sort through e-mail or read documents with a few flips of the wrist instead of taps on a keyboard. 
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Featured projects

Eye Gaze Keyboard
To enable people who are unable to speak or use a physical keyboard to communicate
using only their eyes.

Learning Theory
Motivated by machine learning, our goals are to mathematically understand the effectiveness of existing learning algorithms and to design new ones.

A proof-of-concept prototype that transforms any room into an immersive, augmented, magical entertainment experience.

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