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Microsoft Office Add-ins for Scientists

Working with members of the research community and developers in the Microsoft Office Product group, we are developing a series of technologies for scientists—built on existing community protocols and practices—to advance semantic knowledge discovery.


Scholarly Communications for Science
Collecting and analyzing data and then authoring, publishing, and preserving information are essential components researchers' daily work. At each phase, Microsoft technologies play a fundamental role. The Microsoft External Research vision is to support the scholarly communications lifecycle with software and services so that data and information flow in a coordinated and seamless fashion. Learn more…

Example Projects

Chemistry Add-in for Word 
Chemistry-related add-in for authoring and semantic annotation in Microsoft Office Word. This approach to chemistry authoring is modeled after the mathematic equation authoring in Word 2007 and takes advantage of the user-interface and XML extensibility options provided by Office 2007. In collaboration with Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, Cambridge University, UK.

Tools and Services

Add-ins from Microsoft

CodePlex and SourceForge

See also: Document Interop Initiative

Tips and Usage Guidelines

Machine Translation And Terminology Services

See also: Microsoft Translator Technology for Research and Academia