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Microsoft Translator Technology for Research and Academia

Microsoft Translator technology was developed by the Microsoft Research Machine Translation (MSR-MT) group, which has worked in the machine translation space since 2000. Foundation work in natural language processing began at Microsoft Research began in the early 1990s.

Microsoft Translator 

Translation powered by Microsoft Translator technology is available through Live Search, as well as Internet Explorer 8, the Windows Live Toolbar, and Windows Live Messenger.


All Microsoft Translation pairs—11 English-to-X language; 12 X-to-English—are powered by Microsoft Research-developed systems.


Drive Accessibility and Visibility in the Research Community with Translation


  • Translate between language pairs on any website by using Microsoft Translator.
  • Improve the results of document searches by translating the keywords before invoking the search itself, by using Microsoft Translator.
  • Place a Microsoft Translator Widget for your own web pages by adding a pre-written Javascript control on your page.