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Publication and Conference Management for Scientists

We are collaborating with researchers in academia, industry, and government to support researchers with tools and services for publishing scientific findings and managing conferences, with a focus on interoperability with existing formats, protocols, and services.


Microsoft Academic Search
Free academic search engine and a test-bed for new research ideas in fields such as data mining, named entity disambiguation, and visualization. Users can quickly find information about researchers, papers, conferences, journals, and organizations and can discover relationships among these entities via various visualizations. 

Example Projects

Virtual Research Environments (VRE): The Research Information Center at JISC  
A virtual research environment, jointly developed by the British Library and Microsoft External Research (formerly Technical Computing Group at Microsoft), to support researchers in managing the complex range of research tasks.

Tools and Services

Microsoft Research Tools

Document Interoperability Initiative Tools

  • OpenXML Document Viewer
    Provides direct interoperability from Open XML to HTML formats, enabling users to view content from any platform, including many mobile devices, via a Web browser.
  • OpenXML/ODF Translators Add-ins for Office
    Provides practical interoperability between OpenDocument format (ODF) and Open XML by means of an add-in for Microsoft Office 2003, Office 2007, and Windows XP.
  • Apache POI Java SDK for Open XML
    Software development kit (SDK) for Java developers who work with Open XML documents. Provides pure Java libraries for reading and writing files in formats that Microsoft Office and other productivity products use.

See also: Document Interoperability Initiative


A Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for Bioscience Researchers. Roger Barga, et al., International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Science, 2007.

See also: Scholarly Communication Resources and Presentations

Presentations and Media

Research Output Repository Platform (code name "Famulus")
Alex Wade and Savas Parastatidis