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Open PhD Positions

A number of PhD research projects have been selected for funding through the last call of the Microsoft PhD Scholarship Programme. For some of these projects, PhD supervisors are seeking suitable students. The research projects listed on this page are currently accepting applications from PhD students.


Accurate Reconstruction of Lights, Materials, and 3D Geometry from RGB, Depth and Motion

Primary supervisor: Dr. Andreas Geiger, MPI Tuebingen
Microsoft Research supervisor: Dr. Sebastian Nowozin, Microsoft Research Cambridge
Application deadline: 1 March 2016

Summary: In the past decade computer vision technology and novel depth sensing devices have enabled a new quality of natural interaction with computing devices. A key factor enabling this progress has been a more accurate understanding of the user and his environment through RGB+depth cameras, allowing accurate position tracking and approximate recovery of the scene geometry in real-time. However, current systems are limited in that the recovered scene representation is coarse and approximate, for example, material properties and light sources are not recovered. The goal of this project is to develop efficient probabilistic models of light, materials, and geometry in order to provide high-fidelity reconstructions of the user environment from RGB and RGB-D video: Given several images as observations, the task of inversing the image formation process is to recover the 3D geometry of the scene, recognizing the objects and materials they are composed of, identify light sources present in the scene and reason about light transport including reflection, refraction and shadows. As inverse graphics is an ill-posed inference problem, appropriate prior assumptions about the world must be made.

Download the full advert for this position (PDF, 437 KB)

Application: Please send your full application materials (see including a cover letter, research statement, transcripts, CV, as well as contact details of at least two references to Your research statement is critical and should address how your interests relate to this project and why you want to do a PhD with us.

Posted 26 January 2016