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Frequently Asked Questions about Fellowships in Latin America

Current schedule

Microsoft is not currently accepting applications.

Selection criteria

Are non-United States citizens permitted to apply?
Yes, if you are pursuing a Ph.D. or master's degree at a credentialed university in Latin America, you may apply.

Do I need to be proficient in English?
Nominees are expected to be proficient in English. We are unable to offer English as second language training.

Do I have to be nominated by my university or can I apply on my own?
Students who are pursuing a master's degree or Ph.D. at an eligible university may apply for the program directly.

Which university departments are eligible to participate?
Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering departments at eligible universities may nominate up to three (3) students per eligible department.

What if I am not completing my second or third year?
Completion of your second or third year is a guideline, not a stipulation. Strong candidates will be considered in any portion of their Ph.D. program. However, a thesis proposal must be submitted as part of your fellowship application.

Application process

Microsoft is not currently accepting applications.

Selection process

If selected, when will my fellowship begin?
Fellowships awarded in February 2014 will receive their financial awards beginning in August 2014. Microsoft sends payment directly to your university, and your university will disperse funds according to their guidelines.

Is there an award ceremony or banquet?
Yes, if selected as a fellow, you will be invited to visit Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft will cover your travel expenses and assist in obtaining a visa to visit Redmond.

If selected as a fellow, am I required to complete an internship at Microsoft Research?
Internships are encouraged, but not required as part of the award. You may complete a 12-week internship at any time after the fellowship award in February 2014. Microsoft will assist you with travel and visa arrangements.

Are there any tax implications for me if I receive this fellowship?
The tax implications for your stipend, fees, and tuition are based on the policy at your university and the treaty agreement your country has with the United States. For more information, visit the Internal Revenue Service website.

Will intellectual property be an issue if I am awarded a fellowship?
The Microsoft Fellowship program doesn’t have any intellectual property restrictions unless the fellowship recipient accepts an associated internship. At that time, you would be required to sign an employee agreement that covers issues related to intellectual property during your internship.

Interships and fellowships
Contact us

Please direct any additional questions to the Microsoft Research Latin American Fellowship and Internship Program contact at your school, or contact Microsoft directly at:

Microsoft Research
One Microsoft Way – 99/4118
Redmond, WA 98052
United States