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PhD Scholarship Reviewer Form

Thank you for helping review the Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship Programme submissions!

In the comment box, please provide a rationale for your decision. Your rationale should outline your main reasons for making the recommendation.

Note that successful supervisors will have up to one year to find the best and most suitable student for the proposed research project. Microsoft Research keeps the right to interview the students at a later stage.

The questions and ranking should be self explanatory but do not hesitate to contact should you have any query.

Answers to the questions marked [Confidential] will NOT be shared with the applicant but will be shared within Microsoft.

PhD supervisor and research environment

1. [Confidential] - Academic reputation of the supervisor in the field of research: do they have a good track record, both of doing good research and of publishing it?
Even if you don't know the supervisor, applicants have been asked to provide enough evidence in their application. Absence of a track record is clearly not a disqualifying characteristic, especially in the case of young researchers, but a consistent failure to publish raises question marks. *

- A=excellent track record (mainly publications in top journals)
- B
- C
- D=no track record (mainly publications in minor workshop or conferences)
- No information provided in the application Don't know
- Other, please specify:

2. [Confidential] - Based on the information provided in the application and any other information you may have, do you think that the applicant would be a suitable PhD supervisor for the proposed research? *

- Yes
- Maybe
- No
- Don't know
- Other, please specify:

3. Based on the information provided in the application and other information you may have, are you reasonably convinced that the host department provides a suitable environment for a student to carry out the proposed research? *

- A=I have no doubt about this, the department has state of the art facilities, leading research staff in the research area and related areas and attains levels of international excellence in several research areas including the proposed one

- B=The department provides very good facilities and attains levels of international excellence in the proposed area of research

- C=The department provides very good facilities, but is not internationally renowned

- D=I have serious doubts

- No information provided in the application Don't know

- Other, please specify

Research proposal

4. Does the proposal clearly describe the goals of the project? *

- Yes
- No

5. How concrete is the research plan? *

- Rock-solid, I know just what they will do
- Good, only a few points remain vague
- Unsure, some significant open questions
- Hand-waving, it's unclear they really have a plan they can execute
- Other, please specify

6. Does the problem require the development of innovative scientific methods? *

- Yes, definitely
- Yes, partly
- No, it is just a routine application of known techniques
- Other, please specify

7. Is it an important problem, whose solution will have useful effects? *

- A=very important, for the discipline and other disciplines
- B=important for the discipline only
- C=marginally important for the discipline
- D=not important
- Don't know

8. Is there evidence that the applicant knows about the work that others have done on the problem?
This evidence may take the form of a short review as well as representative references. *

- A=yes, it is obvious they know about major relevant work
- B
- C
- D=no, they don't seem to be aware of major relevant work
- Don't know

9. How original is the proposed work? *

- Trailblazing
- One step ahead of the pack
- Yet another paper about...
- It's been said many times before


Overall evaluation

10. Comments for the applicant: *

11. Confidence of the reviewer *

- Expert, I am an expert in the area of the proposed research project

- Very good, I have enough knowledge about the proposed research area

- Good, I have some knowledge about the proposed research area

- I'm unsure about the technical part of the evaluation

- Other, please specify

12. [Confidential] - Should this proposal be funded? *

- Definitely fund

- Fund if possible

- Probably not

- Definitely not fund

13. [Confidential] - Comments to the selection pannel: