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Europe and Russia

  • PhD Summer School 2014
    This annual event is for PhD students in their first or second year from universities and research institutions with which Microsoft Research partners, as well as all Microsoft Research PhD Scholars. It includes a series of talks of academic interest, transferable skills talks, and poster sessions that provide invited students the opportunity to present their work to Microsoft researchers.
    Cambridge, UK · 30 June–4 July 2014
  • International Women’s Hackathon 2014
    The International Women’s Hackathon is a crowdsourcing event to empower young women leaders in computer science. By providing a fun and safe environment in which to explore computing, the hackathon encourages and supports university women around the world to become producers of future innovations in technology and help solve challenges in the world today. We connected via Skype from our live event at the USA Science & Engineering Festival with all worldwide sites during the hackathon.
    Worldwide on university campuses · 25–27 April 2014
  • AGU Fall Meeting 2013
    This website provides information about the technologies and projects that Microsoft Research will present at the American Geophysical Union's (AGU) 46th annual Fall Meeting. More than 22,000 Earth and space scientists, educators, students, and other leaders gather for the AGU Fall Meeting to present groundbreaking research and connect with colleagues.
    San Francisco, CA, United States · 9–13 December 2013
  • Medical Imaging Workshop 2013
    The analysis of medical images is essential in modern medicine. Multiple high resolution, expensive scanners are present in all modern hospitals. Yet in clinical practice there are no tools for the quantitative analysis of the acquired images.
    Cambridge UK · 17–19 November 2013
  • School on Algorithms for Massive Data 2013
    Organized by Microsoft Research in cooperation with Yandex and Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Microsoft School on Algorithms for Massive Data (ALMADA) offers students a unique opportunity to learn about fundamental and state-of-the-art results on algorithms and systems for processing massive datasets. The school offers four courses on technical topics, and additional lectures will provide context for real-life applications and business opportunities.
    Moscow, Russia · 31 July–7 August 2013
  • PhD Summer School 2013
    An annual Microsoft Research event, the PhD Summer School is for Microsoft Research-sponsored PhD students and other invited PhD students in their first or second year from universities and research institutions with which Microsoft Research partners. In addition to lectures, the program includes students’ poster presentations and evening social events.
    Cambridge, UK · 1–5 July 2013
  • Machine Learning Summit 2013
    The Microsoft Research Machine Learning Summit brought together thought leaders and researchers from a broad range of disciplines including computer science, engineering, statistics, and mathematics. Together, we highlighted some of the key challenges posed by the new era of machine learning and identified the next generation of approaches, techniques, and tools that will be needed to exploit the information revolution for the benefit of society.
    Paris, France · 22–24 April 2013

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