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Academic and Research Programs in Europe

Recognizing top talent at the intersection of computing and science

Microsoft Research invests in programs that recognize and support top talent, from graduate students through to leading international scientists. 


PhD Scholarship Programme
Microsoft Research supports nearly 100 of Europe’s brightest scholars taking research positions at Europe’s leading academic institutions. Students receive funding and invitations to the Microsoft Research Summer School in Cambridge, where they can share and discuss ideas with Microsoft researchers. Most students are co-supervised by a Microsoft researcher. 

Microsoft Research/Royal Academy of Engineering Chairs and Fellowships
The Royal Academy of Engineering and Microsoft are providing support for high-quality engineers to encourage them to develop their interests in academic research as a stepping stone to a successful research career. Chairs and Fellowships are designed to strengthen links between industry and academia.


We offer unique opportunities for students to work directly with Microsoft researchers.

Why we invest

Research at our Cambridge lab represents but a small fraction of the need for advanced research at the intersection of computing and science. In some areas, research is urgently needed to help address the broad social and environmental challenges that we all face. Other areas are driven by the continual evolution of computing, which demands new approaches to product development and offers endless possibilities for business as well as personal expression and enjoyment.

It is therefore essential to inspire and educate the scientists of tomorrow—young people who will expand and strengthen innovation. Our programmes recognize, develop, and support top talent—from graduate students through to leading international scientists.