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Europe and Russia

Connect and collaborate in Europe and Russia

Europe and RussiaWe collaborate with the world’s top academic researchers and institutions to develop technologies that fuel data-intensive scientific research to help solve some of the most urgent global challenges. Our fellowships and grants help foster the next generation of world-class scientists who are critical to the future of scientific discovery.

Feature stories
A Computer-Vision View of the World A Computer-Vision View of the World
Jamie Shotton, whose work will be featured during CVPR 2013, discusses his latest project, lost robots, and other interests.
Focus in France on Machine Learning Focus in France on Machine Learning
Christopher Bishop, distinguished scientist at Microsoft Research Cambridge, discusses machine learning shortly before the opening of the Machine Learning Summit 2013, to be held April 22-24 just outside of Paris.
Big Advances in Data-Center Networking Big Advances in Data-Center Networking
Software-defined networks will be a major topic of discussion during SIGCOMM 2013, and Microsoft Research contributions will be at the heart of the conversation.



  • ACM Distinguished Speaker Programme
    We are pleased to provide partial support for this Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) programme, as well as the contributions of Microsoft Research senior scientists who participate as speakers.
  • Academic and Research Programmes in Europe
    We support outstanding research in computer science and the scientific disciplines through several funding opportunities and awards.
  • Collaborative Institutes in Europe
    We collaborate with universities, industry, and governments throughout the region to support basic academic research to advance the state of the art in computing and computational sciences.