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Microsoft Institute for Japanese Academic Research Collaboration

Established in 2005, the Microsoft Institute for Japanese Academic Research Collaboration (IJARC) acts as a virtual extension of Microsoft Research, building connections with Japanese academia and fostering Japan's technical talent pool.

When Bill Gates announced the formation of the IJARC in June 2005 in Tokyo, he presented the IJARC as a platform to advance research in Japan and to develop young talent through collaboration with Microsoft.

 Japanese Academic Research Collaboration, 2005Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announces Microsoft Research Asia's collaborative effort with Japanese academia, which debuted in July 2005. 

In addition to conducting sponsored research, the IJARC has organized a series of workshops to facilitate project collaboration and idea sharing between Japanese universities and Microsoft researchers.

Japan Academic Advisory Committee (AAC)

Comprised of some of the most prominent academics in Japan, the Japan Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) represents the IJARC as it works to build connections between Microsoft Research and Japanese academia.

The AAC provides strategic advice to Microsoft Research on regional themes, programs, talent fostering, and academic exchange in Japan. The committee also reviews research proposals submitted by Japanese researchers. The selection criteria they use to evaluate proposals emphasize stimulating innovation by young Japanese researchers, as well as the development of Japanese society.

AAC Members

Kiyoharu Aizawa

University of Tokyo

Katsuro Inoue

Osaka University

Sadaoki Furui

Tokyo Institute of Technology (AAC Director)

Katsumi Tanaka

Kyoto University

Akinori Yonezawa 

University of Tokyo