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Microsoft Research Asia's projects and activities in China

Craig Mundie Inspires Young Researchers in China

Craig Mundie meets with members of Microsoft Research Asia's Star Track programCraig Mundie meets with members of Microsoft Research Asia's Star Track programOn March 22, 2012, Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief strategy and research officer, met to discuss future trends in computing with some of the brightest young minds in China. This stellar group, all members of Microsoft Research Asia’s Visiting Young Faculty program, Star Track, represent the next generation of Chinese computer scientists, engineers, educators, and researchers. Read more...

About Microsoft Research Connections in China

Microsoft Research Connections has established partnerships with more than 30 Chinese universities and research institutes through research collaboration, curriculum innovation, talent development, and academic exchanges. A number of academic programs designed for faculty and students are integrated under The Great Wall Plan program, which is endorsed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. 

Feature Stories

Workshop Bolsters Chinese Research Uses of Kinect for Windows

Attendees of the Kinect for Windows workshop at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing.Attendees of the Kinect for Windows workshop at Microsoft Research Asia in BeijingOn December 2, 2011, Microsoft Research Asia held the Kinect for Windows Workshop 2011 in Beijing, China. The event, which drew more than 100 participants, including faculty and students from Chinese universities, provided a forum for exploring research that utilizes Kinect for Windows. It not only offered a great opportunity for faculty members and students to showcase their Kinect-based research and exchange creative ideas, it also fostered enhanced cooperation between Chinese academic institutions and Microsoft Research Asia. Read more…

Shining Light on the Lost Beauty of History

Using technology to save art forms that are becoming extinctUniversity students in China who are members of Microsoft Technology Clubs are using technology to save art forms that are becoming extinct. With passion, intelligence, and creativity, the students have developed projects that apply computing technology to protect and promote some the world’s oldest and richest cultural heritages, such as the art of Chinese paper cutting and shadow puppetry. Read more…

Watch the student videos:

Collaboration Programs

Joint LaboratoriesJoint Laboratories
Endorsed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Microsoft Research Asia has established joint laboratories with ten top universities in China.

NSFC-Microsoft Research Asia Joint Research Fund
This research fund was established jointly by Microsoft Research Asia and the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in 1999 to support long-term research in the fields of applied mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering.

Microsoft Student Technology ClubMicrosoft Technology Club
The 30 Microsoft Technology Clubs that have been established in top universities train students through summer camps and seminars, and provide technical materials and Microsoft software.

Microsoft Young Fellowship ProgramMicrosoft Young Fellowship Program
Focusing on undergraduate students, this program has awarded a fellowship to the 30 best students from the 10 top universities each year since 2006.

Microsoft Young Professorship ProgramMicrosoft Young Faculty Program
This program supports the research work of young faculty in the early stages of their educational careers.