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Windows Phone Program

Windows Phone ProgramWith the popularity of Windows Phone and the growth of ubiquitous computing devices, researchers at Microsoft Research Asia from the Mobile and Sensing Systems Group are focusing on those challenges in mobile and sensing systems that will have a significant impact on our daily interactions with our environment, health, energy, productivity, and entertainment.

Feature Story

I Love Sports, a Windows Phone 7 application created by South China UniversityI Love Sports—A Marathon Run to Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous computing has become the next wave of computing. This concept inspired Professor Lianwen Jin and his students at the South China University of Technology to create a new mobile application in healthcare. With the support from Microsoft Research Asia, Prof. Jin and his team developed a Windows Phone application called “I Love Sports,” which allows a user to accurately track and record in real time four types of human activities: walking, running, jumping, and resting. The application also calculates the number of calories burned by using details about the individual such as age, gender, height, and weight. Read more…


Student participants in the 2012 Microsoft Student ChallengeStudent participants in the 2012 Microsoft Student ChallengeMicrosoft Student Challenge 2012

Microsoft Research Asia held a Microsoft Student Challenge 2012 contest in Beijing on April 16–17, 2012. The competition encouraged students to develop creative research applications on the Windows Phone and Windows for Kinect platforms and showcased many of their outstanding projects. Students had the opportunity to present their imaginative ideas and accomplishments at the final competition.

The contest attracted students who are interested in developing applications on the Windows Phone and Kinect for Windows platforms. Location-based services, mobile sensing, and social networking applications were just some of the types of programs the student teams submitted. Contest participants included more than 530 teams of undergraduate and graduate students from approximately 40 universities across mainland China. Ten teams were selected to compete in the finals competition for Windows Phone. Six teams were awarded prizes: one first prize, two second prizes, and three third prizes. Projects from the top three winning teams are highlighted below. 

Bookit, aWindows Phone application designed to facilitate searching for library booksBookit Project
Bookit is a Windows Phone application designed and developed by the student team from Xidian University. The application facilitates searching for books at libraries. It can quickly query book information, reader evaluations, and the current borrowing status at target school libraries in China from remote locations. Users can search by title, author, keyword, and even ISBN. Currently, 105 school libraries in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are supported by Bookit. Future functionality will provide bookshelf information so that users can review their reading history and connect to people who share common interests. Users will also be able to exchange ideas with a new social networking feature.

An eHealth-related application, Oximeter was created by students at Xidian UniversityOximeter Project
Another team from Xidian University created an eHealth-related application, Oximeter, on the Windows Phone platform. By collecting consecutive pictures of a patient, Oximeter uses algorithms to compute that patient’s blood oxygen level and pulse rate. The results are then uploaded to servers in hospitals to help medical professionals make more informed patient care decisions. Oximeter can also assist individuals who need regular physical examinations but cannot visit the hospital frequently to more efficiently communicate with doctors about their health. Additionally, Oximeter can be set to remind patients to take medications on time and it can assist in emergencies by alarming and sending a user’s Global Positioning System (GPS) location to doctors and relatives.

Warmhearted Citizen application, developed by South China University of TechnologyWarmhearted Citizen Project
Warmhearted Citizen, a platform to report city problems, is a Windows Phone application developed by South China University of Technology students. By using this application, users can submit reports about urban infrastructure damage, traffic violations, illegal constructions, and so forth. The report consists of the type of problem, location, pictures or video, and text description of the incident. Warmhearted Citizen also provides access to a related webpage and allows users to make comments online and share information with others via social networking. Finally, this application can display all the problems tagged in a map so that users can view problems by location and subscribe to news of interest.