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Transforming healthcare through data

eHealthIn recent years, analyzing and synthesizing the unprecedented volume of digital health data has presented many challenges to computer science professionals, medical researchers, and clinicians. The successful handling of this data can help improve personal health management, clinical care, medical research, and public health. eHealth theme programs encourage collaborations between different institutions. In particular, we encourage interdisciplinary graduate students to train with computer scientists and health experts in order to address the challenges in health data mining.

Feature Story

Transforming Healthcare Through DataTransforming Healthcare Through Data
The transformation of healthcare through data is a new interdisciplinary research area with far-reaching goals and usage among academia. It focuses on not only taking advantage of advanced technology, but also on providing graduate students with interdisciplinary training from both computer scientists and health experts so that students can be prepared to address the challenges in health data mining. In the near future, when computers are able to perform caregiver tasks such as read medical records, label scanned images, and monitor patients, data will transform healthcare dramatically. Read more...

Collaborative Project Highlights

Microsoft Research collaborates with researchers in advanced computing techniques such as data mining, mobile sensors, natural languages processing, signal processing, visualization, and medical imaging. Below, we highlight some projects in which faculty partners are working in collaboration with Microsoft researchers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Daily Activity Exercise Stress Evaluation

Daily Activity Exercise Stress Evaluation
A monitoring exercise device informs users about their health status and provide suggestions about appropriate ways to exercise. Read more...


Global Cancer Map: Large-Scale Meta-Analysis of Cancer Microarray Data
An intuitive, easy-to-operate, information-rich navigational cancer analysis tool is expected to greatly assist the bio-medical research community by providing access to tens of thousands of cancer samples over many different types and species.

A Personalized eHealth Agent for Monitoring Diabetes Patients in a Mobile Computing Environment A Personalized eHealth Agent for Monitoring Diabetes Patients in a Mobile Computing Environment
Byoung-Tak Zhang, professor at Seoul National University, worked in collaboration with Microsoft Research Asia to develop an intelligent eHealth agent that monitors patients' health status via mobile phones. By monitoring and analyzing sensor data and user logs, the intelligent agent, called DietAdvisor, recommends personalized exercises and meal plans based on the patient's habits. Read more...



Clinical Report Search EngineClinical Report Search Engine  
Eiji Aramaki, lecturer at the University of Tokyo, and Emiko Yamada from the University of Tokyo Hospital—with the support of Microsoft Research Asia—launched a project to help medical professionals and researchers extract medical data from electronic health records. The Clinical Report Search Engine consists of two natural language modules: the first extracts medical terms, such as disease and drug names, from narrative reports; the second normalizes these medical terms into standard expressions. The project goal is to make the search engine a standard service in hospital health record systems in Japan. Read more...