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Regional Themes

Microsoft Research Asia has developed a series of research project themes that address common interests of the Asia-Pacific region, have educational value, and are consistent with Microsoft Research Asia's research agenda and resources.

eHealth  eHealth
The increasing adoption of technology is expected to transform healthcare delivery in the coming decade. The goal of this regional theme is to further Asia-Pacific academia’s research in healthcare. 
eHeritage eHeritage
Microsoft Research Asia initiated the eHeritage project to facilitate collaborative research on applying advanced technology to the digitization, preservation, and dissemination of cultural heritage. 
Kinect Academic Program

Kinect Academic Program
Microsoft Research collaborates with researchers and academia to explore how Kinect for Windows motion-sensing technology can transform how people interact with computers.

Natural Language Processing Natural Language Processing
This theme focuses on developing web-scale Natural Language Processing technology for the needs of search engines and cross-language information access.
Software Radio Program Sora
The Software Radio (Sora) program theme seeks to address the challenges of using PC architectures for high-speed software-defined radio (SDR) platforms.
Windows Core Plus 

Windows Curriculum
This theme focuses on curriculum development on the Windows core operating system and Windows Azure cloud platform.

Windows Phone 

Windows Phone Program 

The widespread use of Windows Phone and the growth of ubiquitous computing devices present many opportunities to explore how mobile and sensing systems can improve our daily lives.