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Microsoft Research Connections at Microsoft Research Asia

Microsoft Research Connections at Microsoft Research AsiaMicrosoft Research Connections provides a bridge between the Microsoft Research Asia lab and the academic community throughout the Asia-Pacific region. We are committed to building strong partnerships and collaborative relationships with the academic community and governments across the Asia-Pacific region, as well as exploring new areas of research that can accelerate computer science or transform other disciplines through integrated computing.

Programs and events we organize include theme-based research projects, joint labs, international conferences, faculty summits, visiting researcher programs, internship, fellowship, lectures, and courses. Since 1998, Microsoft Research Connections has sponsored more than 600 events that have attracted more than 300,000 participants in more than 10 countries and regions. Microsoft Research Connections has partnered with nearly 100 universities and institutes to the benefit of more than 6,000 students.

In recent years, Microsoft Research Connections has launched a series of new initiatives to develop strategic relations with governments and academia. An important component of these initiatives is an emphasis on regional programs that extend collaborations and support universities in Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Singapore.

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Microsoft Research Connections
Microsoft Research Asia
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