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Education and Scholarly Communication

Competition to Create Games that Make Learning Fun

The Games for Learning Institute (G4LI), research partner Microsoft Research, and Motorola challenged developers to create learning games through the 2010 Games for Learning Design Competition. Contestants created their own game for learning basic sixth grade geometry. The first-place winner was awarded $5,000. The contest was open to the public and the registration deadline was December 12, 2010. Learn more…

About Games for Learning

Experienced professors consistently cite games and robots as a productive area for engaging students while creating real software that does meaningful things. Games and robots in the curriculum can also be used to introduce sophisticated topics such as simulation or artificial intelligence. However, in the past, it has been costly and complex to produce games and robots building blocks that faculty can use to create assignments.

Games for Learning focuses on developing innovative curricula across many topics and disciplines in partnership with faculty who are domain experts. These resources help teachers and researchers advance investigation into technologies such as embedded devices for new platforms upon which compelling computing curriculum can be based. Learn more...


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