Visualizing and Experiencing Data

Providing unique experiences to reduce time to insight and knowledge through visualizing data and information

The SensorMap project at Microsoft Research provides a common platform and set of tools for data owners to easily publish and query sensor data from live data sources. We are building a portfolio of research projects that take advantage of the SensorMap platform:

  • To develop shared infrastructure and tools for data publishing, data management, and data querying and visualization
  • To build an open, diverse community of sensor data publishers and consumers


SensorMap: Browsing the Physical World in Real-Time 
Microsoft Research is partnering with selected academic projects to build infrastructure support and tools:

  • To simplify publishing data to SensorMap
  • To build new services or break down existing ones to make SensorMap data more useful

Examples of current SensorMap projects:

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Research Tools and Services

Sensor Map Tools

Visualization Tools

A Microsoft Live Labs tool for constructing a 3D environment from regular photos

WorldWide Telescope
An open platform from Microsoft Research that astronomers use to make data and images available to the community