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Microsoft Web N-gram Services

Access petabytes of data via the Public Beta Web N-gram Services.

We invite the whole community to use the Web N-gram services, made available via a cloud-based platform, to drive discovery and innovation in web search, natural language processing, speech, and related areas by conducting research on real-world web-scale data, taking advantage of regular data updates for projects that benefit from dynamic data.

The Web N-gram services provide you access to:

  • Content types: Document Body, Document Title, Anchor Texts
  • Model types: Smoothed models
  • N-gram availability: unigram, bigram, trigram, N-gram with N=4, 5
  • Training size (Body): All documents indexed by Bing in the en-us market
  • Access: Hosted Services by Microsoft
  • Updates: Periodical updates

Late last year, we introduced a private beta testing of the Web N-gram Services. We are now expanding access in the Public Beta Web N-gram Services to include professors, students, and researchers from around the world.

BingWeb N-gram is brought to you by Microsoft Research in partnership with Microsoft Bing.