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Computer science
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Cloud computing

Cloud computing for researchBy providing Microsoft Azure cloud resources to academic teams, the Cloud Research Engagement project strives to facilitate access to and management of scientific data collections and analytic cloud services for a variety of disciplines.

Devices and services

Devices and servicesTo advance research and education in mobile and cloud computing, classrooms are equipped with novel environments for programming touch devices and researching the development of new devices and services.

Natural user interface

Natural user interface (NUI)Human motion tracking, voice recognition, and depth sensing are becoming more common in tools that use technologies like Kinect for Windows-now available for use in commercial applications as well as for research and teaching.

Programming languages

Programming languagesFresh approaches to programming make it easier to use state-of-the-art languages, such as F# and TouchDevelop, across various platforms and devices.

Semantic computing

Semantic computingMachine learning and artificial intelligence become more sophisticated with the growing availability of improved methods for comparing machine learning algorithms and access to new environments and services for big and broad data.

Software engineering

Software engineering for researchTo help solve key problems in testing analytics, modeling, and verification, we work on advanced software tools for education and research in these critical areas of software engineering.


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