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Advancing the state of the art in computer science

As technology is becoming more natural and intuitive, we support innovative research not only on the technologies that drive today’s computers but also the interfaces that enable people to communicate with them. We seek to facilitate advancements in the computer sciences and natural user interfaces that make it easier for people to interact with technology.

Learn more about core Computer Science in research

Our Core Computer Science collaboration projects support innovative research on technologies that drive today’s computers. Our key areas of focus include software engineering, semantic computing, parallelism and concurrency, programming languages, and mobile computing.

Learn more about Natural User Interface research

Technology is becoming more natural and intuitive. People already use gesture and speech to interact with their PCs and devices; such natural ways to interact with technologies make it easier to learn how to operate them. Our Natural User Interface (NUI) collaboration projects focus on facilitating the use of future computer paradigms by keeping the human user in mind.