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Summer Bridge Students Catch Computing Fever
A couple of interns this summer at Microsoft Research have helped foster interest in computer science among young women.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 27 August 2014

Horvitz at KDD: From Data to Decisions
Eric Horvitz of Microsoft Research delivered a keynote address during KDD 2014 that focused on the use of data with machine learning and reasoning procedures to generate predictions and to enhance the quality of decisions in several critical areas.

Inside Microsoft Research · 26 August 2014

Skype's Real-Time Translator Learns How to Speak from Social Media
The quirky cant of Twitter and Facebook helped Microsoft build the tools for its real-time translator.

IEEE Spectrum · 22 August 2014

The Primary Way to Report Harassment Online Is Broken
Nearly every tech company uses the same imperfect mechanism to flag abuse.

The Atlantic · 21 August 2014

Looking Skyward: WWT Digital Dome Project Brings Planetariums to Chinese Schools
The WorldWide Telescope Digital Dome project is bringing enhanced planetarium experiences to Chinese schools at every level.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 20 August 2014

Gordon Bell Lifelogging at 80
Gordon Bell, who turns 80 today, has lived through an era in which computers occupied entire building through to being able to carry one in your pocket or around your neck.

I Programmer · 19 August 2014

Leslie Lamport ’60
Turing winner loves to solve practical problems.

MIT Technology Review · 19 August 2014

Mobility and Networking Researchers Making a Big Impact in the Cloud
Papers, awards, and accolades during SIGCOMM 2014 highlight Microsoft achievements in the networking community, while deployments in Azure data centers underscore the value of collaboration between research and product teams.

19 August 2014

WindUp: Researching Patterns of Content Creation and Exchange
WindUp is a project from Microsoft Research to learn how people create, share, and discuss content online.

Inside Microsoft Research · 15 August 2014

Computing at School: Rethinking How Computing Is Taught
Tony Hey of Microsoft Research discusses his keynote address during the sixth annual Computing at School conference, held at the U.K.'s Birmingham University.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 14 August 2014

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