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Allen Newell Award for groundbreaking artificial intelligence work
Welcome to the Invisible Revolution
CNTK open source deep learning toolkit

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Enhanced virtual reality among new Microsoft research advances at CHI 2016
At the premiere conference on human-computer interaction, Microsoft will present research advances that could vastly improve the way we'll use mobile devices, more easily navigate through virtual environments, and more.

Microsoft Research Blog · 28 April 2016

25 geniuses who are creating the future of business
Microsoft speech pioneer Xuedong Huang, whose research led to Skype Translator and Cortana, is honored as one of WIRED's 25 geniuses creating the future right now.

WIRED · 27 April 2016

Horvitz receives ACM-AAAI Allen Newell Award for groundbreaking artificial intelligence work
Eric Horvitz, a technical fellow and managing director of Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, research lab, received the ACM-AAAI Allen Newell Award for groundbreaking contributions in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 27 April 2016

Welcome to the Invisible Revolution
Learn how advances in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and machine learning have us on the cusp of a future in which technology is increasingly pervasive yet increasingly invisible

Microsoft / Stories · 18 April 2016

Securing safe water through Cortana Intelligence
The REACH initiative uses cloud-based Azure Machine Learning to monitor sensors in water wells in remote parts of Africa and Asia to help millions of poor people access clean water.

Microsoft Research Blog · 14 April 2016

Teaching computers to describe images as people would
Visual storytelling, a new research project using machine learning to add narrative to image collections, could potentially be used to provide richer descriptive tools for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 14 April 2016

Crowdsourced health: How big data can enhance medical research
Elad Yom-Tov demonstrates how the Internet's trove of data on how we research our own health can itself be mined for answers medical researchers otherwise have no way of getting.

Microsoft Research Blog · 13 April 2016

Picture this: An exabyte of cat pix in the space of a sugar cube of DNA
Researchers from Microsoft and the University of Washington collaborated to develop an end-to-end system to encode, store and retrieve digital data using DNA molecules.

The Register · 11 April 2016

How Microsoft conjured up real-life Star Wars holograms
Holoportation, developed in the Cambridge, U.K. lab, projects a live hologram of a person into another room, where they can interact with whomever's present in real time as though they were actually there.

Wired · 8 April 2016

Decades of computer vision research helps the blind community
Seeing AI, a research project that can be used as a cell phone app or via smart glasses, uses computer vision and natural language processing to describe a person's surroundings, read text, answer questions and even identify emotions on people's faces.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 30 March 2016

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