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Preventing flood disasters with Cortana Intelligence Suite
Intelligent bots classify every document published to the web
CNTK open source deep learning toolkit

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Latin American Faculty Summit showcases AI research, emphasizes why it matters
Some 200 scholars, scientists, and researchers attended this year's Latin American Faculty Summit, which showcased advancements in AI technology while highlighting the specific quality-of-life applications of that work.

Microsoft Research Blog · 25 May 2016

Microsoft researchers present ways for securing technology old and new
Microsoft researchers are looking at ways to better secure both the latest, cutting-edge consumer technologies and the more traditional tools that we rely on for everyday activities like accessing bank records and identifying ourselves at work.

Microsoft Research Blog · 23 May 2016

Microsoft Research receives IEEE Council honor
Citing 25 years of significant impact on software engineering research, the IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering has awarded Microsoft Research the 2016 TCSE Distinguished Synergy Award.

Microsoft Research Blog · 20 May 2016

The next phase of Microsoft Academic: Intelligent bots at your service
Artificial intelligence bots that read, classify, and tag every document published to the web in real time are growing the massive collection of academic knowledge, called Microsoft Academic Graph, by one million articles per week.

Microsoft Research Blog · 20 May 2016

Supporting positive change for women in technology careers starts within organizations
Learn how Microsoft Research and the National Center for Women & Information Technology are working with U.S. academic institutions to develop and implement initiatives that recruit and retain women in the computing and technology fields of study.

Microsoft Research Blog · 18 May 2016

Announcing the winners of the Microsoft Quantum Challenge
A grad student who hadn’t worked on a quantum simulator before found the tool he needed to solve a real problem and win the Quantum Challenge. Learn more about his work and how the finalists seized the opportunity to do hands-on quantum computing.

Microsoft Research Blog · 16 May 2016

Two Microsoft researchers elected to National Academy of Sciences
Yuval Peres and Robert Schapire, two Microsoft researchers known for their groundbreaking achievements in their respective fields of probability theory and machine learning, have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Microsoft Research Blog · 13 May 2016

Microsoft's Jeannette M. Wing: Basic research is 'the foundation of American prosperity and progress'
Jeannette M. Wing told a Senate committee that basic research plays a central role in American innovation, has led to major advances in fields including biotechnology, computer science and aerospace, and has fueled considerable economic growth.

Microsoft Research Blog · 11 May 2016

The SwimTrain exergame makes swim workouts fun again
SwimTrain, a collaboration between researchers from Microsoft and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, is an "exergame" designed to eliminate exercise boredom for swimmers who train on their own.

Microsoft Research Blog · 11 May 2016

Preventing flood disasters with Cortana Intelligence Suite
Learn how Cortana Intelligence Suite is being used to help researchers, federal agencies, commercial partners, and first responders close the gap between national flood forecasting and local emergency response.

Microsoft Research Blog · 6 May 2016

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