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What's new at Microsoft Research

Longer battery life for laptops and tablets
Program verification and bug-free software
Machine learning underlies key contributions to the new Office

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The summer of data science
Data science education opportunities Microsoft Research offered this past summer for young researchers included problems in applied statistics and machine learning and interaction with Abel Prize, Fields Medal, Nevanlinna, and Turing Award laureates.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 8 October 2015

John Markoff and Peter Lee talk self-driving cars, robots taking the SAT and the AI of Hollywood
New York Times science reporter John Markoff and global head of Microsoft Research Peter Lee discuss the future of artificial intelligence and how robots and AI are already part of everyday life.

GeekWire · 2 October 2015

A laptop battery system that knows your habits and lasts a lot longer
Microsoft researchers, working with colleagues from academia, have come up with a system that uses multiple kinds of existing batteries, working in tandem with smarter software, to keep laptops and tablets charged much longer than current standards.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 2 October 2015

Microsoft researchers explore a practical way to build bug-free software
Microsoft researchers have figured out a way to build software systems spanning many computers that can be proven free of bugs, a significant feat in the decades-long quest to create perfect software.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 1 October 2015

Helping global organizations reduce environmental impact of their supply chains
An innovative tool launched by the University of Sheffield in partnership with Microsoft is helping organizations to reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains. · 29 September 2015

Artificial intelligence is raising concerns, and here's what researchers are doing to address them
Eric Horvitz and Thomas Dietterich comment on beneficial artificial intelligence contributions on the horizon, including technologies that could save many thousands of lives lost to accidents on roadways and errors made in hospitals.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 28 September 2015

Get started with Smart Lookup, Office 2016's handy Bing-powered research tool
Developed in collaboration with Microsoft's machine learning and system architecture researchers, Smart Lookup for Office 2016 displays Bing search results inside the suite's apps, eliminating the need to switch to a browser to search the Web.

PC World · 28 September 2015

How research supports collaboration in the new Office
Machine learning underlies key research contributions to Office 2016 and Office 365 from Microsoft researchers and engineers.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 24 September 2015

Can smartphones use less energy to browse the web?
Microsoft researcher Yunxin Liu and a team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have discovered three techniques to reduce the energy consumption of web page loading on smartphones without increasing page load time.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 17 September 2015

Meeting the data challenges of urban computing
Learn how researchers are using Microsoft Azure's powerful processing capabilities to solve important problems facing big cities.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 11 September 2015

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