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Microsoft updates Windows App Studio and TouchDevelop language
Windows App Studio now has the ability to import apps and games programmed using TouchDevelop as a data source. TouchDevelop was developed by Microsoft Research to simplify the creation of cross-device mobile and Web apps.

Software Development Times · 19 December 2014

Coping with floods -- of water and data
A new effort to predict floods, the National Flood Interoperability Experiment (NFIE), uses Microsoft Azure to perform statistical analysis and build prediction models that rely on the almost limitless scalability of the cloud.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 18 December 2014

How Skype used AI to build its amazing new language translator
Skype Translator is based on work that’s been going on quietly inside Microsoft’s research and development labs for more than a decade.

Wired · 17 December 2014

Microsoft Xim update broadcasts photo sharing from small screens to big
The top-ranked app Xim now supports photo sharing on the big screen via streaming media devices, including Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV.

Next at Microsoft · 17 December 2014

Microsoft Puts a Wrecking Ball to the Language Barrier
Microsoft Research's new speech translation technology parses natural human languages in realtime, turning Skype calls and chats into multi-lingual conversations. The world just got smaller.

Fortune · 16 December 2014

Cloud Computing Helps Make Sense of Cloud Forests
Learn how researchers are studying the renowned Brazilian cloud forests with help from the Microsoft Azure for Research project.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 16 December 2014

Study to examine effects of Artificial Intelligence
Eric Horvitz, Managing Director, Microsoft Research Redmond, and his wife, Mary, are funding a 100-year study that will chart the progress of artificial intelligence and its effect on society.

New York Times · 15 December 2014

Skype Translator Preview: An Exciting Journey to a New Chapter in Communication
Register for the Skype Translator preview program, starting today with two spoken languages, Spanish and English, and 40+ instant messaging languages, for Windows 8.1 Skype users.

Skype Blog · 15 December 2014

Reproducibility as a Service: Can the Cloud Make It Real?
New ideas on how to make it easier for researchers to think, develop, test, and publish their computational work wherever they are.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 11 December 2014

Empowering the Problem Solvers
Meet the new Fellows of the Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program, which recognizes exceptional Ph.D. students in computer science, electrical engineering, information science, and applied mathematics.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 10 December 2014

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