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What's new at Microsoft Research

Create machine learning apps with Oxford's API capabilities
Human-computer interaction highlights from CHI 2015
Handpose technology can track detailed hand motion

Advanced data encryption among SQL Server 2016 top features
The SQL Server 2016 public preview will include "Always Encrypted," based on technology from Microsoft Research, which protects data at rest and in motion, with the encryption key residing with the application in the customers' trusted environment.

SQL Server Blog · 4 May 2015

Build one of Microsoft's crazy Holodeck rooms at home
RoomAlive, the Kinect sensor-based interactive environment created by Microsoft researchers, is now available as a free software download.

FastCompany · 1 May 2015

Microsoft's Project Oxford helps developers build more intelligent apps
A set of technologies dubbed Project Oxford allow developers to create smarter apps that can do things like facial recognition and interpret natural language even if the developers are not experts in those fields.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 1 May 2015

Microsoft (yes, Microsoft) has a far-out vision
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and other top executives, including Harry Shum and Peter Lee of Microsoft Research, discuss the development of HoloLens and other products that stem from cross-organizational collaboration, which is driving further innovation.

New York Times · 30 April 2015

Research teams collaborate with Microsoft on 'Earth-shattering' mixed-reality technology for education
Case Western Reserve University Radiology Professor Mark Griswold, speaking at Microsoft's annual Build conference, demonstrates how HoloLens can transform learning across countless subjects, including those as complex as the human body. · 29 April 2015

Code Hunt: Creating a community with a game
Code Hunt, a coding game launched last year as an educational tool, has since inspired competitions around the world and has become a vehicle for identifying top coding talent.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 29 April 2015

Microsoft and NOAA collaborate to enable data access and innovation across government and industry
Microsoft's collaboration with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to host weather, water, ocean, and climate data on Microsft Azure is intended to foster innovation from a rich community of researchers and other partners.

Microsoft Government Blog · 23 April 2015

From the boardroom to the operating room: Making human-computer interaction for an era of more personal computing
About 70 Microsoft researchers are traveling this week to ACM CHI 2015, the premiere conference on human-computer interaction. See what projects are highlighted, and read abstracts and download .pdfs of the papers from Microsoft researchers.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 20 April 2015

Microsoft Azure helps build a smart campus
Researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China and Microsoft Research are using Microsoft Azure and cross-platform smartphone apps to help students navigate campus, track assignments, and more.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 17 April 2015

All hands, no keyboard: New technology can track detailed hand motion
Researchers at Microsoft have developed a system that can track -- in real time -- all the sophisticated and nuanced hand motions that people make in their everyday lives.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 17 April 2015

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