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Xbox Polling and the Future of Election Prediction
Microsoft researcher David Rothschild discusses how nonprobability polling is helping us to be able to predict the future.

Harvard Business Review · 30 September 2014

Microsoft Begins a Push Into the Polling World
Microsoft Research, having done polls through video games in 2012, plans to have its automated digital assistant survey people through their mobile phones.

The New York Times · 29 September 2014

A Data-Driven Crystal Ball
A new interactive platform showcases a Microsoft researcher’s groundbreaking predictive methodology.

29 September 2014

Summer School in Russia Explores Research in the Cloud
Microsoft Research's annual summer school in Russia attracted a collection of talented attendees and provided an opportunity for them to learn about conducting research in the cloud.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 16 September 2014

Big Data Tamed with the Cloud
A team from a Swiss university, with help from Microsoft Research, is seeking ways to help consumers struggling to cope with the deluge of photos and videos they have amassed.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 5 September 2014

A New Tool to Correct DNA Sequencing Errors Using Consensus and Context
Bioinformatics researchers benefit from new, high-performance C# application.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 2 September 2014

How Microsoft Thinks of Wearables and Smart Devices
Microsoft researcher Bill Buxton suggests ways to think about Microsoft will be addressing the world of ubiquitous devices under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella.

CITEworld · 2 September 2014

Coding in the Classroom: Computational Thinking Will Allow Children to 'Change the World'
With coding now an integral part of the computing programs of study in the new national curriculum in England, Microsoft researcher Simon Peyton Jones hopes that more people will gain an understanding and appreciation of the technology that surrounds us

IBTimes · 1 September 2014

Research Bites: 'Inferring Gas Consumption and Pollution Emission of Vehicles Throughout a City'
Microsoft researcher Yu Zheng discusses his work to infer gas consumption and pollution emission of vehicle's travelling on a city's road network.

United Nations Global Pulse · 28 August 2014

Summer Bridge Students Catch Computing Fever
A couple of interns this summer at Microsoft Research have helped foster interest in computer science among young women.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 27 August 2014

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