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What's new at Microsoft Research

Climate change and its effect on food supply
Jennifer Tour Chayes  to deliver 2015 John von Neumann Lecture
The next evolution of machine learning: Machine teaching

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Here's what inspired top minds in artificial intelligence to get into the field
Microsoft's Chris Bishop, among other renowned researchers, share inspiring stories of what led them to study artificial intelligence.

BloombergBusiness · 30 July 2015

Hackathon project and Microsoft researchers push limits of technology
One year later, the Eye Gaze Wheelchair that captured imaginations and the grand prize at Microsoft’s first company-wide hackathon last summer has made major advances.

Microsoft News Center · 27 July 2015

Crowd wisdom among many topics examined at top AI event
Microsoft researchers contributed to 20 papers on AI research at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence spanning multiple disciplines, including machine learning, computational sustainability and even the arts.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 24 July 2015

Climate and food resiliency focus of Microsoft and USDA's Innovation Challenge
Microsoft Research is contributing its expertise in machine learning, cloud computing, and environmental science to help the United States Department of Agriculture measure the vulnerability of the food supply to climate change.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 24 July 2015

Jennifer Tour Chayes of Microsoft to deliver The John von Neumann Lecture
Jennifer Tour Chayes, a distinguished scientist and managing director of Microsoft's New England and New York City research labs, was named the 2015 John von Neumann Lecturer, tthe Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics' highest honor.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics · 20 July 2015

Sora high performance software radio is now open source
Microsoft researchers today announced their high-performance software radio project, Microsoft Research Software Radio (Sora), is now open sourced through GitHub. Sora aims to implement the latest wireless communication technology easily and efficiently.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 20 July 2015

2015 Summer School inspires top PhD students
Top PhD students from Europe, the Middle East and Africa gathered for the tenth annual Microsoft Research Cambridge, U.K. PhD Summer School for a mix of scientific talks and demonstrations, training sessions and other practical activities.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 16 July 2015

CEO Nadella talks Microsoft's mobile ambitions, Windows 10 strategy, HoloLens and more
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about his thinking around product differentiation and being ahead of the curve in this Q-and-A with Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley.

ZDNet · 14 July 2015

The next evolution of machine learning: Machine teaching
Microsoft researchers are at the forefront of machine teaching: an effort to help people without a machine learning background teach their systems to get better based on experience.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 10 July 2015

Young coders compete in 2015 Beauty of Programming
Artificial intelligence was the theme of this year's Beauty of Programming competition, which encourages talented young programmers to use their skills to solve practical problems.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 10 July 2015

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