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Harry Shum Open Letter to Academic Research Community
Harry Shum, Microsoft executive vice president of Technology & Research, pens an open letter to address issues raised by university professors after the closing of Microsoft Research's lab in Silicon Valley.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 21 October 2014

Celebrating eScience and the contributions of Paul Watson
Paul Watson, director of the Digital Institute at Newcastle University, has been named the recipient of the eighth annual Jim Gray eScience Award.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 21 October 2014

Microsoft Research's Xim Photo Sharing App Now Available for iPhone
The Xim photo-sharing app from Microsoft Research is now available for the iPhone.

WinBeta · 17 October 2014

2014 Microsoft Student Summer Camp in China Inspires Budding Talent
Students for more than 30 top universities in China and Taiwan gathered in Beijing this summer for the 14th annual Microsoft Student6 Summer camp to imagine solutions to current problems via the use of Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 17 October 2014

Microsoft’s Quantum Mechanics
Can an aging corporation’s adventures in fundamental physics research open a new era of unimaginably powerful computers?

MIT Technology Review · 10 October 2014

Microsoft Research Invents a Stylus That Can Read Your Mind
How you hold things can reveal a lot about how you will use them. This stylus can detect it.

Fast Company Co.Design · 10 October 2014

Keeping It Simple, with Xim
Xim is a mobile app from Microsoft Research's FUSE Labs that enables users to share their photos with friends without having to pass a phone around.

FUSE Labs · 9 October 2014

Hopping with Enthusiasm at the Grace Hopper Celebration
A.J. Brush of Microsoft Research explains why she finds the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing so inspiring.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 9 October 2014

The Woman Who Put the Vim in Xim
Sarah Needham, a user-experience designer in Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs, has applied a fresh, thoughtful approach to making the user interface for the new photo-sharing app Xim as inspired as the technology itself.

Inside Microsoft Research · 9 October 2014

Why It Matters That Microsoft Is Channeling the Star Trek Holodeck
The latest projects from Microsoft Research is about creating the next big platform for just about anything.

The Washington Post · 9 October 2014

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