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Quantum Computing and the Value of Storytelling in Science
Station Q is where Microsoft is building its vision for the future of computing.

ReadWrite · 25 July 2014

Station Q: the Quest for a Quantum Future
In some ways, Station Q, Microsoft’s research lab for quantum computing, resembles a sleepy Southern California surfing community. In other ways, the facility represents nothing so much as the future of computing.

Inside Microsoft Research · 24 July 2014

Video: Will Microsoft Kinect Be a Medical Game-Changer?
Microsoft sees its motion-detecting-camera technology as vital as it explores other sectors such as 3-D mapping and live surgery.

Bloomberg TV · 23 July 2014

Video: Why Microsoft Puts GPS in Meat for Alligators
At the Microsoft Research lab in Cambridge, U.K., scientists track animals and map climate change in their pursuit of the next big thing.

Bloomberg Businessweek · 23 July 2014

Audio: Head of Microsoft Research Discusses Project Adam
Peter Lee, the head of Microsoft Research, joins host Dave Ross to discuss Project Adam, the groundbreaking work being done in the company's labs, and what it means to all of us.

KIRO Radio · 22 July 2014

Microsoft Researcher and 7-Year-Old Son Depart for Grand Mound on Foot
Microsoft researcher Jaime Teevan and her son are in the midst of an epic adventure--a 120-mile walk that will culminate with a birthday visit to Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Wash.

Bellevue Reporter · 21 July 2014

Project Adam and the Future of Programming
Trishul Chilimbi, featured in a video segment of the Microsoft Research Luminaries series, embellishes on his explanation of Project Adam earlier this week with a few comments on how that work’s deep-learning approach could affect future programming.

Inside Microsoft Research · 18 July 2014

New Hope for People Living with Paralysis
The Lab of Things from Microsoft Research benefits researchers experimenting with connected devices in various domains, and now, it is helping to accelerate research on helping people with disabilities.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 15 July 2014

Stopping Bugs Before They Sneak into Software
New research from Microsoft researcher Andrew Begel and his collaborators enables technological analysis of when a software programmer is encountering difficulty—a significant step toward preventing bugs from being introduced into code.

Inside Microsoft Research · 15 July 2014

On Welsh Corgis, Computer Vision, and the Power of Deep Learning
Project Adam from Microsoft Research uses a new, distributed-systems architecture and techniques to scale deep neural networks, in speed and accuracy, to perform computer-vision recognition and categorization tasks at world-record levels of performance.

14 July 2014

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