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Explore advances in artificial intelligence at Faculty Summit
ICML Test of Time for Burges
.NET Generics leads to RAE Silver for Syme

Microsoft open sources WorldWide Telescope
We are incredibly pleased to announce that the WorldWide Telescope is now open source under the MIT license and has become an independent project as part of the .NET Foundation.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 2 July 2015

Faculty Summit 2015: Explore advances in artificial intelligence—and much more
On July 8–9, more than 350 academic researchers and educators will join Microsoft researchers and engineers for the sixteenth annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond, Washington. Key portions will be streamed live.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 1 July 2015

Standing the test of time: Microsoft researcher honored for prescient machine learning work
At next week's International Conference on Machine Learning, Chris Burges, a research manager and principal researcher in Microsoft Research’s Machine Learning Intelligence Group, will receive the Test of Time Award.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 1 July 2015

Don Syme, developer of .NET Generics, gets Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal
Don Syme, a principal researcher in Microsoft's Cambridge, U.K. lab, was honored for his contributions to the engineering community, including .NET Generics and his many other contributions that benefit programmers and computer users worldwide.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 1 July 2015

The world of wearables: Microsoft Band and whole-body computing
In the latest Next at Microsoft podcast, Desney Tan and Amish Patel discuss wearable technology (such as the Microsoft Band) and whole-body computing.

Next at Microsoft Podcast · 30 June 2015

Top student research recognized at ACM banquet
The ACM Student Research Competition, sponsored by Microsoft Research, offers a unique forum for undergraduate and graduate students to present their original research before a panel of judges and attendees at well-known ACM-sponsored conferences.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 29 June 2015

NASA's taking Microsoft's HoloLens to the space station
The NASA Sidekick program will use Microsoft's HoloLens as a tool to allow NASA ground control to peer over the shoulders of NASA engineers.

PC World · 26 June 2015

Announcing the Microsoft Academic Graph: Let the research begin!
The Microsoft Academic Graph is available for download, allowing researchers "to study the structure of scientific knowledge, build better algorithms for mapping the ever-expanding corpus and improving information retrieval."

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 26 June 2015

Innovation from the ground up and into the cloud
Among the highlights celebrating the first anniversary of the Microsoft Research–Lomonosov MSU Joint Research Center in Russia were events on cloud computing for research.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 25 June 2015

Ranking NBA draft prospects according to wisdom of the crowd
Microsoft researchers Justin Rao and David Rothschild detail their approach to determining the best prospects in this year's NBA draft.

ESPN · 24 June 2015

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