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Microsoft Translator now supports 50 languages
Genomic data cryptography and security
Listen and learn about Microsoft's fascinating approach to design

Royal Society Brian Mercer Award for Alglave
Microsoft researcher Dr. Jade Alglave has received the prestigious Royal Society Brian Mercer Award for Innovation for her work on multiprocessor technology, which led to the development of .cat, a standard verification format for hardware chips.

The Royal Society · 26 March 2015

Diversity in data science: Microsoft Research's summer school aims high
Committed to increasing diversity in computer science, Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School is an eight-week effort to introduce large-scale data analysis to undergraduate students in the New York City area.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 24 March 2015

Machine Learning, Computational Science, Networks and Programming Converge in Cambridge
Dave Coplin, chief envisioning officer of Microsoft UK, and Dr. Kenji Takeda, of the Cambridge research lab, discuss the future of big data and its potential impact.

The Daily Telegraph · 23 March 2015

Cryptographer's challenge: Keeping genetic secrets while advancing genetic research
Microsoft researcher Kristin Lauter is at the forefront of a push to make sure human genome data can be securley stored, accessed and used for research -- without falling victim to prying eyes.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 20 March 2015

Lab of Things Enables Research and Teaching
An update on the creative and noteworthy ways students and researchers are using the flexible Lab of Things platform for connected devices.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 17 March 2015

Einstein Brings Advanced Artificial Intelligence to Cortana on Windows 10 and More Devices
An advanced version of Cortana, Microsoft's "personal assistant" on Windows phones, and based on Microsoft Research's artificial intelligence project called "Einstein," will be available on Windows 10, and later on other platforms.

Reuters · 13 March 2015

Bill Buxton and Kat Holmes on Microsoft's Philosophy of Design
In the second episode of the Next at Microsoft podcast series, Bill Buxton and Kat Holmes offer a glimpse into how Microsoft is bringing inclusive, human-centered thinking to the user’s experience with technology.

Next at Microsoft · 11 March 2015

Dreaming Big at SxSWedu: Promoting IT to Young Girls
Microsoft Research's Rane Johnson-Stempson blogs from SxSWedu about promoting computer science careers to young women, and the screening of the inspirational film, "Big Dream."

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 9 March 2015

Chinese Tradition Inspires Machine Learning Advancements, Product Contributions
A new online Chinese riddle game is steeped in more than just tradition. It resulted from a challenge between colleagues to build a computer that could solve riddles, and, in turn, has led to numerous machine translation advancements and patents.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 5 March 2015

Microsoft Builds Concepts and Ideas into Features and Functionality
Today there were two great examples of how Microsoft takes ideas and encourages company employees to build them into reality.The first example relates to the Microsoft Band updates that were released this past Monday.

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows · 26 February 2015

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