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Create 3D scans with your mobile phone
Saving lives and transforming healthcare economics
Shotton receives MIT Tech Review young innovator honor

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Microsoft extends FPGA reach from Bing to deep learning
Researchers believe success with field programmable gate arrays can be applied to accelerate deep learning approaches, including convolutional neural networks, deep belief neural networks, and recurrent neural networks. · 28 August 2015

All that RaaS: saving lives and transforming healthcare economics
The introduction of cloud computing and machine learning to health care is helping researchers identify ways to reduce hospital readmissions for chronic conditions and provide corresponding actionable guidelines for patient-provider teams.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 28 August 2015

Microsoft says programmable chips will make AI software smarter
As deep learning has led to recent breakthroughs in how accurately software can recognize images and speech, new progress on a practical way to power up deep learning software even more could lead to further significant advances in artificial intelligence

MIT Technology Review · 27 August 2015

MobileFusion: Create 3D scans with your mobile phone
MobileFusion is a research project that turns ordinary mobile phones into 3D scanners without any additional hardware. The resulting 3D scans are detailed enough for 3D printing or use in augmented-reality games.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 24 August 2015

Open source software from Microsoft for academics
Academics are invited to visit Microsoft Research's new portal for open source projects to explore the available software, use it in their classes and research, and join in adding code to make the projects better.

Microsoft Research · 20 August 2015

Microsoft’s Albert Greenberg honored with SIGCOMM lifetime achievement award
Albert Greenberg, a distinguished engineer who works on networking development at Microsoft, this week received the 2015 ACM SIGCOMM Award for pioneering the theory and practice of operating carrier and data center networks.

Microsoft Azure Blog · 19 August 2015

Microsoft researcher Jamie Shotton receives MIT Tech Review young innovator honor
Shotton will be honored as one of MIT Technology Review's Innovators under 35. The distinction goes to exceptionally talented young innovators whose work the editors believe has the greatest potential to transform the world.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 18 August 2015

New app creates stylized story compilations from your photos
Photo Story is a new Windows Phone app that automatically selects the best photos of the day and creates a stylized video that you can easily share via email or social media.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 13 August 2015

Making machines speak like people
A collaborative effort between Yonsei University and Microsoft Research not only seeks to make natural conversation between humans and machines possible, but also to create a collaborative ecosystem and to foster young computer-science researchers.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 10 August 2015

How's the weather? Using artificial intelligence for better answers
Microsoft's Ashish Kapoor and other researchers are using artificial intelligence to try to create better weather forecasts, building on previous work they did using thousands of airplanes as wind sensors.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 10 August 2015

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