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Anticipating More from Cortana
The most efficient personal assistants anticipate your needs by learning about your habits, environment, and preferences. Microsoft Research thinks electronic personal assistants should do the same—naturally.

17 April 2014

Bringing Cloud Computing to Researchers and Scientists in Asia
The Microsoft Azure for Research program from Microsoft Research helps researchers harness the power of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's cloud-computing platform, to help scientifics researchers learn to take advantage of cloud computing.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 14 April 2014

danah boyd: The Kids Are (Still) All Rright
Teenagers' online behavior is one of the main areas of research for danah boyd of Microsot Research, who explores the topic in It's Complicated: The Social Lives oif Networked Teens."

Microsoft News Center · 14 April 2014

Cloud Computing Charts a Path to Scientific Discovery
Five pioneering collaborations between Microsoft Research and academia in China demonstrate the immense value of using Microsoft Azure in scientific research.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 11 April 2014

Science Says: The Baby Madness on Your Facebook Feed Is an Illusion
Contrary to popular belief that baby photos seem to dominate Facebook feeds, Meredith Ringel Morris of Microsoft Research has demonstrated that new mothers actually post less after giving birth.

Wired · 11 April 2014

Microsoft Research and Inria Renew Their Research Partnership Until 2017
Microsoft Research and Inria have chosen to extend their history of seven years of effective collaboration for another three years in an ongoing quest to deliver significant scientific impact.

Microsoft Europe · 9 April 2014

Partnerships Propel Computer Science
Microsoft Research has launched or renewed partnerships at joint research centers in Spain, Russia, and France.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 9 April 2014

Cryptography Could Add Privacy Protections to NSA Phone Surveillance
Seny Kamara of Microsoft Research says cryptography tools could be used inside intelligence agencies to make data repositories and search resistant to misuse.

ECN · 9 April 2014

Can Robots Have Social Intelligence?
A Microsoft Research project brings human-computer interaction to the next level.

8 April 2014

Microsoft: We’re in an ‘AI Spring’
Machine learning and artificial language are the key to some of Microsoft's future explorations, say Harry Shum, head of technology and research, and Jeannette Wing, corporate vice president of Microsoft Research.

The Wall Street Journal · 7 April 2014

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