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What's new at Microsoft Research

Baym updates 'Personal Connections' with new research insights
Download Microsoft Hyperlapse for smooth, stable video
NSDI highlights on collaborative networking solutions

Chain reaction of collaboration improves location-based services privacy
Collaboration between Microsoft researchers and Osaka University on privacy issues related to location-based services such as Foursquare, Yelp and Ingress is making great strides, especially for users with mobile devices that access cloud-based services.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 28 May 2015

Always Encrypted: SQL Server 2016 includes new advances that keep data safer
A new feature in SQL Server 2016's first public preview called Always Encrypted keeps valuable personal data such as Social Security numbers, private healthcare data or credit card information protected even when the data is being used.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 27 May 2015

Baym updates 'Personal Connections' with new research insights on communicating in the digital age
Microsoft researcher Nancy Baym discusses what's new in the second edition of her acclaimed book, Personal Connections in the Digital Age, the predictability and unpredictability of technology and how we use it, and where her research is headed.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 27 May 2015

Keeping up with the Jetsons: Breazeal and Horvitz on the future of robotics
Atlantic contributing editor Mary Louise Kelly hosts a conversation about the future of robotics with Cynthia Breazeal, founder and chief science officer of Jibo, Inc., and Microsoft's Eric Horvitz.

The Atlantic - New York Ideas 2015 · 26 May 2015

Microsoft issues RFP for Surface Hub
Announcing an RFP that will award a Microsoft Surface Hub and up to US$25,000 to selected research proposals from qualified academic institutions. The Surface Hub is a large-format, pen and touch computing device that empowers customers to collaborate.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 19 May 2015

Making mobile phones more useful, and addictive
Microsoft research presented at MobiSys 2015, the annual conference on mobile systems, applications and services, includes reducing battery consumption, improving targeted mobile ads, and improving visible light communication for wearable devices.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 19 May 2015

A lockbox in the cloud: Microsoft research project reveals new method for keeping data private
Microsoft researchers have created a new system called Verifiable Confidential Cloud Computing, or VC3, that keeps data stored in the cloud safe from prying eyes or malicious players even when it is being accessed to make calculations.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 18 May 2015

How Apple, Google, and Microsoft approach genetic research and secure DNA data in the cloud
Learn how Microsoft researchers' collaboration in bioinformatics is leading to discoveries on how environmental factors like smoking affect genetic predisposition to disease and the development of new encryption methods that secure DNA data. · 15 May 2015

Microsoft Hyperlapse makes first-person videos smooth and speedy
Today Microsoft released Microsoft Hyperlapse, a new set of products that create smooth, stabilized time lapses from first-person videos. Learn more and download versions for Windows Phone, some Android phone models, and Windows-based PCs.

Microsoft News · 14 May 2015

Tune in for the latest on devices and networking
A preview of the Microsoft Research Devices and Networking Summit highlights industry-academia collaboration and the broad range of topics covered, including next-gen Wi-Fi and the future of cloud computing. Watch live Wednesday, May 13.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 11 May 2015

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