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What's new at Microsoft Research

System trains machines to look at images and answer questions about them
A more secure TLS available on GitHub
Free ebook: Sci-Fi anthology inspired by research

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System trains machines to look at images the way people do – and answer questions about them
A team of Microsoft and CMU researchers developed a system that uses computer vision, deep learning and language understanding to analyze images and answer questions about them the same way humans would.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 24 November 2015

How Triple Handshake, Freak and Logjam discoveries contributed to a broader effort to safeguard the Internet
Researchers from Microsoft and the French research organization INRIA are making public two sets of code that are part of an extensive Internet security project to create a much more secure method for implementing the Transport Layer Security.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 18 November 2015

Microsoft releases 'Future Visions' anthology of science fiction inspired by science
An anthology of original stories by nine award-winning sci-fi authors inspired by the work Microsoft researchers are doing is available to everyone as a free download.

Microsoft News Center · 17 November 2015

With quantum computing simulator, Microsoft offers a sneak peek into future of computing
Microsoft researchers focused on quantum computing discuss the implications of a recently released suite of tools that allows computer scientists to simulate a quantum computer's capabilities.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 13 November 2015

Microsoft open sources Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit for more efficient big data research
Researchers at the Microsoft Asia research lab this week made the Microsoft Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit openly available to the developer community.

Inside Microsoft Research Blog · 12 November 2015

Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro for Mac arrives: Video processing app creates smooth, stable time lapse videos
Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro for the Mac is now available from the Microsoft online store, giving video aficionados on that platform the ability to create stabilized time lapses from the first-person perspective.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 12 November 2015

Project Catapult servers available to academic researchers
Project Catapult clusters are now available to academic researchers through the Texas Advanced Computing Center at The University of Texas at Austin, offering vastly improved performance and energy efficiency of datacenter workloads.

Microsoft Research Outreach Blog · 12 November 2015

Happy? Sad? Angry? This Microsoft tool can recognize emotions in pictures
The Microsoft Project Oxford team today announced plans to release public beta versions of new tools that help developers create machine learning-based apps that can identify sounds, words, images and even recognize emotion.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 11 November 2015

Ideas blossom for using Microsoft HoloLens
Meet the award recipients of the first Microsoft HoloLens academic research grants.

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 11 November 2015

Helping wildlife conservation, one ultra-low power processor at a time
Microsoft researcher Mike Sinclair collaborated with Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo and Idaho Fish and Game to solve a key problem that prevented scientists from continually monitoring wildlife in remote and sometimes hard to reach areas.

Next at Microsoft Blog · 9 November 2015

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