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Machine Learning Summit 2013

Thought leaders and researchers from a broad range of disciplines including computer science, engineering, statistics and mathematics identify the next generation of approaches, techniques and tools needed to exploit the information revolution for the benefit of society.

Blog posts from the summit

The Bright Future of Machine Learning

Rick Rashid, Microsoft chief research officer, says advances in deep neural networks will have a dramatic effect on  machine learning. 

Infer.NET: Machine Learning Tailor-Made

Learn about Infer.NET, a powerful, compelling .NET library from Microsoft Research Cambridge. Infer.NET is an example of model-based machine learning,

The Sixth Wave Is upon Us

Renown physicist Herman Hauser says machine learning's major impact will be in the field of health.  

Improved Healthcare via Machine Learning: A Way Forward
Iain Buchan of the University of Manchester discusses machine learning's two areas of transformative potential regarding health care.